New Translation function

A new web-page translation function has been added to ManyRoads. The Wibiya bar, where our translation function was previously provided, has been eliminated. We eliminated the bar based in large part on the recommendations and comments of Matt Mullenweg (the designer/inventor of WordPress). Additionally, you may have noticed that the performance of ManyRoads had begun(…)

8th Semi-irregular ManyRoads Newsletter

First, let me apologize for the delay in publishing the ManyRoads, semi-irregular Newsletter.  But as you might imagine, things here have been busy, hectic, and ‘interesting’.  Holidays, the end of the year plus some unanticipated technological & familial ‘adventures’ have all played their part in the delay.  Oh well…. From a genealogy perspective things have(…)

Genealogy & Social Networking Technologies #1

Social networking (media) ought to be a useful adjunct to genealogy research. Or more complexly stated, genealogy and genealogists should benefit greatly through improved interpersonal, Internet communications technology (better known as social networking).  Of late, I have been trying to employ a number of web oriented ‘social’ technologies in an effort to up ManyRoads site(…)

2010 Top Ten

Hmm… the top 10 genealogy items for ManyRoads this year are… I wish I could say this list was complete, but it isn’t. But in the spirit of celebration, here’s my list:  10. Being invited to speak on genealogy at two locales during the year (Public speaking). 9. Accumulating copies of the Zeyer ev. Kirche(…)


Does anyone have access to West and East Prussian German recipes? I would like to gather a collection of food recipes that were local to the Germans who once populated the region of Europe between Danzig Marienburg, and Koenigsberg. Please contact me directly with any recipes or food names that you might have/ remember. I(…)

ManyRoads Sentinel

Genealogy is a twitter (a bad pun, I know). We have created our first twitter based online Newspaper (using The ManyRoads Sentinel is now accessible via our new News! link on the top banner of ManyRoads. I hope you find the articles and news items both informative and useful. As time progresses, I will(…)

Seventh Semi-irregular ManyRoads Newsletter

Happy Holidays! As we are now in the midst of the largest annual holiday season, I think it is time for me to quickly write and publish our monthly News Letter. As always, it is on our extraordinarily accurate, semi-irregular schedule. The past month has been quite busy for me both from a genealogy/ ManyRoads(…)

Sharing & more

Sharing is a particularly wonderful aspect of human existence. If you have found ManyRoads to be helpful in the conduct of your research during the past months, we ask that you briefly reflect on the wonder of your family, community and life. Please also take a moment to remember those less fortunate than yourself. In(…)

DNA based genealogy search

Which genetic genealogy DNA service is best?  This is the question with which I am currently wrestling. Perhaps one or more of our knowledgeable readers has some insights to share. I certainly would appreciate experienced observations and insights into our dilemma. Here are the basic objectives of our DNA search: We’d like information and insight(…)

Zeyers Friedhofen (Cemeteries )

The cemeteries of the former Zeyer, West Prussia have severely deteriorated over the years. Clearly the destruction of the Zeyer ev. Kirche by Russian bombardment did the most complete removal of burial sites. But time itself has eroded the Zeyer Mennonite burial grounds as well. The photos below are what is left of both the(…)

Sixth Semi-irregular ManyRoads Newsletter

I sincerely apologize for the delay in getting our almost regularly scheduled, nearly monthly ManyRoads NewsLetter out. The past month has provided quite some challenges (mostly technical). 22-24 October proved to be quite a challenge for us at ManyRoads. Our old web host (hostpapa) shut ManyRoads down because of our excessive server memory and CPU(…)

Family friends…

Who says genealogy is not full of surprises? Well, not me! Over the past few months I have had the wonderful good fortune of coming into to contact with two magnificent people (families). One of them grew up near the village(?) where my grandmother (Frieda Senger) was born and raised- Pietzkendorf.  The other has been(…)

A Banner Day!

11 months to the day from when we began ‘full-scale’ usage of WordPress on ManyRoads, we were graced by our 50,000 visitor. 13 November 2010 is truly a landmark day for ManyRoads. Unfortunately, we do not know the name of our 50,000 visitor; however, we do know that they have visited us some 81 times(…)

Cloudflare & ManyRoads

Website security & speed are crucial to your genealogy site. Like most websites, genealogy sites are under daily attacked from hackers and information thieves. If you are interested in the latest technology available to speed and secure your site I recommend taking a look at Cloudflare. ManyRoads has been running the beta version of Cloudflare now(…)

Visit updates

Even though ManyRoads was completely down due to ISP problems for two days in October, we were still blessed with our highest number of visits ever. Thank you! In October, we had more than 7300 unique visits. This means, on average, more than 235 folks stopped by for a visit each day. Based upon our(…)

GPS & Genealogy

Should genealogy rely on GPS data?  When I recently heard the query, it gave me pause especially since people seemed pretty agitated over the point. I have to admit, it does seem that the value of GPS data is a point worth pondering, at least for a little while. It is probably worth noting that(…)

Site transfer, phase 1 – completed

Phase one of the ManyRoads transfer to is now complete. At least, it looks good from my end. We have moved a lot of files (about 60,000 of the little and huge buggers); not much of this transition has been easy.  My daughter and son-in-law have proven immensely helpful in the transition; and my(…)

Another apology!

It saddens me greatly to say that ManyRoads has been down for nearly 20 hours. As I noted in an earlier message, my previous Internet Service Provider was unable to provide me with informative error messages.  As a result, I was unable to tune the ManyRoads site to address its performance difficulties. We simply were(…)

Site transfer upcoming

Hello all, We are changing ManyRoads hosting from to  We have encountered numerous performance issues which seem unresolvable on hostpapa.  Hopefully, we will see an improvement on our new web locale. We hope that downtime is minimal but apologize in advance for any service interruptions. Over the next month or two, we intend(…)

Traditional Genealogical Sources #1

What is a traditional genealogical source?  To me that seemed to be a good question. So naturally, I Googled the term ‘Traditional genealogical source’ to see what I would find. The first item I came up with was the topic of a January/February 2003 issue of Ancestry Magazine by Mark Howells: Tombstone inscriptions have been(…)

Genealogy & PC Operating Systems

Which Operating system is best? Mac, Linux, Windows? Well aside from the inaccuracy of the phraseology in the above query, this is a question I often see discussed, debated, and fought with religious fervor.  Truth of the matter is quite simple.  Use the operating system you like best- for me that means Ubuntu Linux.  For(…)

Help Needed?

Sometimes we all need help. Everyone falls into that boat at one time or another.  As the old Barbara Streisand song says: “People who need people are the luckiest people in the world…” (I hope I have that quoted correctly.) Over the past few months, numerous folks have requested and provided help here on ManyRoads.(…)

14 October 2010 Update

Well it’s about time for the ManyRoads Monthly Update-Newsletter. The past month has been quite eventful. Among the most interesting events to occur during the past month is that our visitor numbers have grown moved from around 130 per day to nearly 200 per day. I understand that for large sites, we are still pikers. (…)

Genealogy Song #1

Genealogy theme songs? While seeking a song on Youtube, I came across  song that seems apropos to the genealogist and the search. [...] And I took you by the hand And we stood tall, And remembered our own land, What we lived for. And there will come a time, you’ll see, with no more tears.(…)


Amazing! Wonderful. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to our readership. During the month of Septemeber, we experienced our largest readership ever, nearly 6500 of you stopped by for a bit. More precisely, 6497 of you visited. Never before had we crested 5000 vistors in one month, let alone 6000. We hope you will(…)

Technology Advantages

Technology can and should be an crucial adjunct to your genealogical efforts.  As a matter of fact, I contend that no effort is complete, nor can your genealogy efforts be fully effective, without effective technological support.  The support can be as simple as using a word processor or as complex as writing large databases to(…)

Chelyabinsk, RU

Today while I was reviewing at the locations of the ManyRoads readers I came across, what for me was, a rather large surprise.  ManyRoads had a reader from Chelyabinsk, RU.  For those who follow the site closely, you will note that this is the same town where my Oma (grandmother) was forced to work for(…)

ManyRoads Updates – Sept 11 2010

A lot has gone during the past month or so. Not only have we added a lot of new material to ManyRoads but we have achieved some important milestones, as well.  Per normal, rather than bore you with a lot of details, I will outline most of the key happenings. But before I do that,(…)

Geneabloggers & ManyRoads

ManyRoads is pleased to announce that we have been published on Geneabloggers. It is our hope to have generalized thoughts & opinions available for publication on that great site on a monthly basis (or thereabouts!). Like most things, our publication schedule will ‘most likely’ be semi-irregular.  Kind of like me, semi-irregular. We encourage you to(…)

Outside the box

Genealogy is where you find it. Most often those looking for their relatives follow the tried and true paths of searching the Internet as well as searching the ‘traditional’ genealogy venues such as town halls, LDS Family History Centers, etc. Many people even go so far as to restrict their searches to the Internet only,(…)

The best non-genealogy genealogy places #3

I debated whether or not this was the correct title for my posting but settled on it anyway! I really do not have a long list of items to present here, but rather a very small listing with only two, wonderful, non-genealogy genealogy places; they are: Flea markets Antique shows Yesterday, my wife, mother-in-law and(…)

Some nice notice for ManyRoads!

ManyRoads has had the great good fortune of being linked on several very nice genealogy websites. I must admit I am really pleased with the listings. I am also a bit ashamed to say that I missed noticing one of them for more than 8 months. I guess that just shows how ‘quick’ I can(…)

Speaking at: Parker Family History Center

Tell your friends!  It’s now official. I am pleased to announce that I will be speaking at the Parker (Colorado) LDS Family History Center. Meeting Location: Parker LDS Church Colorado 7160 E Bayou Gulch Rd Parker, Douglas, Colorado, United States Phone: 720-851-0916 My session will take place on 16 Sept. 2010.  The presentation will run(…)

ManyRoads- apology!

I apologize for the fact that ManyRoads was down this morning (18 August 2010) from about 0200 until 0900 Mountain Daylight Time. Late last night, we experienced a resource usage problem and exceeded allowable usage limits on our server. A software script (cron) created too many ‘background processes’, ran wild, and ate up a lot(…)

Tools for date calculations

Date calculations are quite useful and necessary in doing genealogy work. If you are like me, I constantly need to count backwards and forward from one event to another: death to birth, birth to marriage, etc. I find this type of calculation is more necessary when there is a paucity of information and documentation available(…)

Changes on ManyRoads

The changes are a-coming! Some of the changes to the site are fairly significant others tiny.  However, although I have tested them all, I would greatly appreciate hearing from our readers if they are either helpful or problematic.  Please use our contact page or the comments on this page to let me know what you(…)


ManyRoads has been acknowledged as providing a helpful source of original Prussian & German archives and documentation by Archivalia.  You may see our mention on their site. As perhaps most of you already know, it is our objective to be a provider of useful genealogical and historical information, especially with regards to those areas we(…)

ManyRoads Improvements

In an effort to improve the speed and performance of ManyRoads, we have initiated several crucial improvements. At least, I hope they are improvements. Included among these are: Installed Cache (Quick Cache Plugin) on the site; our cache is set to refresh every 60 minutes and immediately on page changes We tweaked our wp-config file(…)

Milestone Event

ManyRoads achieved a significant milestone during the month of July 2010. Over 5000 of you visited our site! Thank you! We hope to see you here often. Please know that if there is information or improvements you wish to share, we are eager to hear from you. Do not hesitate to use our contact page(…)

ManyRoads Update- July 2010

A lot has gone during the past month or so. Not only have we added a lot of new material to ManyRoads but we have achieved some important milestones, as well.  Rather than bore you with a lot of details, I will outline most of the key happenings. But before I do that, a couple(…)

Here today…gone tomorrow

Grab the data while you can.  I guess that is what every online genealogist needs to have as their motto these days. Today I uploaded a very useful (helpful) WordPress plugin called: Broken Link Checker- It checks your blog for broken links and missing images and notifies you on the dashboard if any are found.(…)

John Hall- Revolutionary Mysteries

I am currently working on a portion of the Henss family and am ‘visiting’ Virginia/ Maryland at the time of the Revolutionary War. The person I am closely examining is a Mister John Hall; his wife is Mary Magdelene Smith. I just love it when the names are so incredibly unique! So here goes, I(…)

Free Genealogy Forms, Software, etc.

Genealogy Free Stuff! Free Genealogy Forms, Clip Art, Books, and more Family tree templates are only available through a few select websites. Usually you have to have a membership to receive free printable blank family trees or purchase each family tree chart individually. Here you’ll find high quality charts that you can print on your(…)

Technology for Genealogy

Are you looking to establish a web presence for your genealogy work? Do you want to communicate more effectively to a diverse audience that is geographically dispersed? Communicating your genealogical facts to friends and family can be both rewarding and important. At eirenicon and ManyRoads, we pride ourselves in the quality and professionalism of our(…)

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