Burgos, Spain- home of Andre Robidou

Burgos is the area in Spain from which Andre Robidou, the founder of the Rabideau family in North America, came. from Wikipedia Early humans occupied sites around Burgos as early as 800,000 years ago. When the Romans took possession of what is now the province of Burgos the site had been a Celtiberian  city. In […]

Clement Lerige (Leriger)

source Clement Lerige, Seuir de La Plante came to New France in 1685 as an officer of the Troupes de la Marine, a section of the King’s Navy. Clement was captured by the Iroquois in 1689 and was enslaved with them for 2 years. He learned to speak the Indian language and survived and eventually […]

David Letourneau

David Letourneau was born of David Lerourneau and Jeanne Dupen around 1616 in Charente-Maritime Arrondissement Rochefort Canton Tornay-Charente Saintonge near the border of Poitou and Aunis . In 1640, he married Sébastienne Guéry, they had 3 children. He remarried on July 6, 1654; his second wife was Joan Baril, the daughter of Francis and Catherine […]

Emery Blouin

The surname Blouin means blue as in a cloudless sky or like a calm carribean sea. Emery / Mery Blouin, the scion of North America’s Blouin Family, was born in 1641 to Andrew and Francoise Blouin (Bounin) in Saint-Pierre d’Etisson, diocese of Lucon Poitou. He arrived in New France in 1664; the ship he arrived […]

Jean Guyon, sieur Du Buisson

Jean Guyon is the scion of the Guyon, Yon and Dion Families in North America. The surname Guyon has taken numerous forms over time; Guyon descendants are additionally known by the following surnames: Després, Dumontier, and Lemoine, and in Louisiana, Derbanne. Jean Guyon was baptized September 18, 1592 in St. Aubin de Tourouvre Perche locality, […]


It pleases me to say that I have identified the entire male Deyo line from John Deyo through to Claude Guyon (born 1629).  The Deyos as we all knew were from France.  Now we know their names and a bit about their journey.  As I find additional information, I will continue to update and post […]

Marie Rollet

Marie Rollet, wife of Louis Hebert, QC’s first settler; d. 1649 at QC In 1617, with her husband and three children she came from Paris to QC where she found starvation, sickness, and threats of Indian attack.  A year after their arrival, says SAGARD, the first marriage solemnized in QC with the rites of the […]

Jean Guyon

source: “One Hundred French Canadian Family Histories” by Phillip J. Moore. Jean grew up in the small community of Tourouvre with many of the people with whom he went to Canada. He attained a good education. He could read, write. and had some knowledge of law, could survey land and was a mason. In Canada […]

Louis Hebert

Louis Gaston Hebert was born in 1575 at 129 Rue Honore, Paris, France; the son of Nicolas Hebert and Jacqueline Pajot.  His family was quite affluent, with ties to the Royal Court of Catherine de’ Medici; where his father was the official druggist and spice merchant to the Queen.  In this capacity, he would have […]

Jacques Guyon

source “One Hundred French Canadian Family Histories” by Phillip J. Moore. Most people of French Canadian heritage descend from this family of old Perche. Jacques Guyon is the earliest Guyon we can claim as an ancestor. He witnessed a document executed in Tourouve, Monday, January 6, 1579, and died before September 29, 1623. He and […]

Pierre Tremblay

Source Pierre Tremblay, ancestor to the largest french- canadian family was originally from Randonnay, in Perche Normandy. Only head of family with that name who came from France, he is the ancestor to all Tremblay families in America.

Pierre Miville

Source Swiss blood runs in your veins. In fact, Pierre Miville, your ancestor, was born in 1602 at Fribourg in Switzerland. Married there in 1629, he crossed over to Canada in the spring of 1649 with his wife and six children. He received a grant of land on the coast of Lauzon across from the […]

Robert Drouin

Source He was in Canada in 1636 and in 1641, he already had a farm near the Rivière aux Chiens (river of dogs). His marriage contract of July 27 1636, (one year after the religious ceremony) which was concluded in the house of Robert Giffard and executed by Jean Guyon du Buisson in the absence […]

Claude Bouchard

Source Claude Bouchard, a tailor from Saint-Cosme-de-Vair in Maine, France, first settled on the coast of Beaupré to the east of Québec. He was nicknammed “little Claude” to distinguish him from a namesake and because of his stature.

Jean Bourdon

Though Jean Bourdon was an important figure in the early days of New France, there is a lot of confusion over his personal life.  Some have even given him three wives (married to two at the same time), and attributed accomplishments long after his death.  However, in the days of early settlement, there were two […]

Zacharie Cloutier

Zacharie Cloutier was born on  February 2, 1589, in St. Jean, Perche, France; the son of Denis Cloutier and Renee Briere.  His mother died on May 1, 1608, and his father then married Jeanne Rahir-Gaultier on November 3 of the same year. A carpenter by trade, Zacharie’s interest in the ‘New World’ began early.  When […]

Jean Cote

Jean Cote – Was born on February 2, 1643 and died on March 26, 1722 in Ville De Quebec.  He married Marie-Anne Couture; daughter of Guillaume Couture and Anne Emard; on September 11, 1669; and the couple had seven children:  Jean-Baptiste, Noel, Marguerite, Marie, Pierre, Guillaume and Anne.  Jean’s first wife died on November 26, […]

Abraham Martin

There is a lot of confusion over the origins of Abraham.  He was born about 1589, probably at La Rochelle, but since his father Jean Galleran Martin, was known as “The Merchant of Metz”, he could have also been born at Metz, Lorraine, France. His mother was Isabel Cote.  Throughout his lifetime, Abraham Martin was […]

Francois Langlois

Francoise Langlois was born in 1599; in St. Xiste,  Montpelliers, France; one of four children born to Guillaume Langlois and Jeanne Millette. About 1618, she married Pierre Des Portes, an employee for the Company of 100 Associates,  representing France’s interest in the New World. Soon after the birth of their only child, Marie-Helene; Pierre and […]

Francois Belanger

Francois Horlays Belanger was born on October 02, 1612; at Touque, Normandy, Orne, France; the son of Francois Lisieux Belanger and Francoise Belanger Horlays. According to the church records he was baptized five days later: “On the seventh day of October (1612) was baptized Francois Bellanger, son of Francois Bellanger and Francoise Horlays and was […]

Philippe Amyot

Although technically not a Quebec Pioneer, Philippe was the father of several. Philippe Amyot arrived in Canada in the summer of 1635 from Soissons. He was accompanied by his wife, Anne Convent, and two sons, Jean and Mathieu.

Mathieu Amyot

Mathieu Amyot was a decisive and entrepreneurial man. He was granted land concessions at Trois Rivières, Sillerie, and near Québec. From the last concession he took the name Villeneuve since it was situated near Pointe Villeneuve. […]

Quebec (Kebec) Pioneers

The Rabideaus are descended from a large number of original Quebec Pioneers. The histories such as we can find them, are to be found here. Please note that many people have contributed in the generation of these stories.  To the extent possible, we have noted the web locations, etc. for the materials.  Where we have […]

Andre Robidou

Christening: 1640 Ste Marie, Galice, Burgos, Spain Burial: 1 Apr 1678 Montreal, Quebec, Canada Summary for Andre Robidou dit L’Espagnol Came to St. Lambert, LaPrairie, Quebec in 1670. Andre was part Spanish and of dark complection and was sometimes called the Spaniard. The 1666 census for the town of Quebec shows Andre as a sailor […]

Pierre Desportes

Pierre Desportes- First History Samuel de Champlain sent Recollet priest Georges le Baillif to France as his delegate to King Louis XIII, on September 7, 1621. He was carrying a request to his Majesty from the principal residents of the country. This appeal is said to have been composed by Pierre Desportes, August 18, 1621, […] queries in seconds.