Nine Questions About Friends (Quakers)

Numerous Henss forebears were devote Quakers. Robert Owen was even incarcerated for 5 and a half years for his beliefs and finally brought to the New World from Wales by William Penn. The following 9 Questions provide good insight into Quaker (Friends) traditions and beliefs. Who are the Quakers? Quakers are members of the Religious(…)

Robert & Jane (Vaughan) Owen- 1684

Robert Owen, of Dolserau, came over in the ship Vine, of Liverpool, sailing from Dolyserre, near Dolgules, Merioneth, with his wife, Jane, son Lewis, and a servant boy and four maid servants, and arrived at Philadelphia in Sep. 1684. He had been a Justice of the Peace at Dolserau, near Dolgelly, (and near Bala), Where(…)

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