Les anabaptistes à Montbéliard

Léopold-Eberhardt leur confie ses propriétés (original source article) Le Duc de Wurtemberg reignant sur le Pays de Montbéliard en ce début de XVIIIème siècle était particulièrement controversé : il était un séducteur invétéré, courtisant des femmes sans titre avec qui il aura une vingtaine d’enfants.  Tenant à les doter, il rachète voire confisque des terres à […]

Anabaptist-Mennonite DNA project participation

As many of you may have already guessed, our families and ancestries are crowded with Mennonite and Amish peoples- Anabaptists. For years, we knew of the Rich (Henss Family Branch)  connections to the Swiss- Elsass/Alsace,  Montbeliard/ Bern communities. More recently, we have come to understand quite a bit of the Senger (Rabideau Family Branch) connections […]

Prussian Mennonite Research Materials

As many of you may know, my Recht family line (Hermann Recht’s family) has strong roots within what was once the Mennonite Community resident near the former Elbing and Marienburg, Westpreussen. As I conduct my Prussian Mennonite family genealogical research, this page will evolve and develop into something a bit more robust. I am using […]

Mennonite Histories of West Prussia

The links on this page have been sourced from the Prussian Mennonite Genealogy Resources site. I have rearranged the original links and grouped them for my convenience. Please note, these materials are used without permission because there was no copyright notice or location from which to request usage permission. All ownership and rights of this […]

Swiss Mennonite History

From The European History of the Swiss Mennonites from Volhynia Schrag, Martin H 1956 source web document The early Anabaptists were educated and urban–but the persecution drove them from the cities and towns to the remote and relatively inaccessible highlands and mountain fringes of the fertile areas of the Canton Bern. Here they hid and […]

Anabaptist Mennonite Tradition & Background

Much of the Robert Henss family background is rooted in Swiss and Iowa Anabaptist Mennonite traditions.  Many of our forebears were active participants and members of the following congregations. [Please note that this post will be updated as more information is uncovered]. Basel-Holee (Basel Switzerland) Basel-Holee, a Mennonite congregation with a meetinghouse at Holeestrasse 141 […]

Eicher Mennonites

Source: For access to the original article on the Henss/Rich family sect of Mennonites please visit this Rootsweb article. MENNONINTE HISTORY OF HENRY COUNTY AREA by Melvin Gingerich This is a series of articles written by Melvin Gingerich, a well know Mennonite minister, and, I believe Bishop. The series was published on a weekly basis […]

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