Frederick F. Rabideau Family

DNA analysis

Numerous folks have requested information on the results of my DNA analysis.  (I used 23andMe to run my analysis.) The following links will hopefully provide an adequate review of the information I am willing to make publicly available.  Should you desire additional information/ particulars, please contact me directly; I may, or may not, be willing(…)

The Raphael Robidoux Family of Altona, NY

This area may be augmented in the future as I attempt to uncover additional Census and/or photographic information for inclusion here. The Raphael (Russel) Robidoux & Family- 1880 The family lived in Altona, NY; their exact location is unknown as the street information was left blank on 1880 Census. At that time, Raphael (40) was(…)

Lacolle, Quebec- A brief history

Lacolle is the area from which the Joseph Dion family emigrated to the United States.  Historically both Rabideau and Dion/ Deyo family members lived and traversed this region. Click here to read about the Lacolle Military Battles. source [minor edits and corrections made by ManyRoads] First written mention of Lacolle can be traced back to(…)

Find your friends

Find your friends.  If you run a family history/ genealogy website, building associations and affiliations can be a useful and valuable adjunct to your genealogical efforts. Some of the most interesting and potentially useful affiliations (links) are with are sites and organizations belonging to other family members or family associations.  These family members/ associations need(…)

The Raphael Robidoux Mystery

The following reproduced web publication goes a long way in solving the mystery of Raphael Robidoux’s birth and his family linkages. I sincerely appreciate the wonderful work of Clyde Rabideau and his making this publication available on the web. I hope he is honored by our presentation of his material and analysis. If you get(…)

Burgos, Spain- home of Andre Robidou

Burgos is the area in Spain from which Andre Robidou, the founder of the Rabideau family in North America, came. from Wikipedia Early humans occupied sites around Burgos as early as 800,000 years ago. When the Romans took possession of what is now the province of Burgos the site had been a Celtiberian  city. In(…)


Not all genealogy is in the past.  Some of it happens before your very eyes. This is one of those events and weeks for us.  This week is my parents (Fred Rabideau & Luise Senger) 60th Wedding Anniversary.  Today we are taking them out for a small dinner celebration. In those 60 years a lot(…)

A Great Find…

One of the great joys of doing genealogy work is that every once in a while, you make a great find.  A find that brings on a feeling of joy, wonder, and belonging.  Yesterday was one of those days for me. I know I have been offering a lot of insights into issues associated with(…)

Andre Robidou

Christening: 1640 Ste Marie, Galice, Burgos, Spain Burial: 1 Apr 1678 Montreal, Quebec, Canada Summary for Andre Robidou dit L’Espagnol Came to St. Lambert, LaPrairie, Quebec in 1670. Andre was part Spanish and of dark complection and was sometimes called the Spaniard. The 1666 census for the town of Quebec shows Andre as a sailor(…)

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