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Find your friends.  If you run a family history/ genealogy website, building associations and affiliations can be a useful and valuable adjunct to your genealogical efforts. Some of the most interesting and potentially useful affiliations (links) are with are sites and organizations belonging to other family members or family associations.  These family members/ associations need(…)

The Raphael Robidoux Mystery

The following reproduced web publication goes a long way in solving the mystery of Raphael Robidoux’s birth and his family linkages. I sincerely appreciate the wonderful work of Clyde Rabideau and his making this publication available on the web. I hope he is honored by our presentation of his material and analysis. If you get(…)

Burgos, Spain- home of Andre Robidou

Burgos is the area in Spain from which Andre Robidou, the founder of the Rabideau family in North America, came. from Wikipedia Early humans occupied sites around Burgos as early as 800,000 years ago. When the Romans took possession of what is now the province of Burgos the site had been a Celtiberian  city. In(…)

Our Elbing Addressbooks

Elbinger Adressbücher Mark Rabideau hat auf seiner privaten Webseite zahlreiche Elbinger Addressbuecher (1847-1930) veröffentlicht. Auch ein Telefonbuch von 1937 ist dabei. Zahlreiche weitere Adressbücher aus Westpreußen (Graudenz, Thorn, Konitz) sind auf der Webseite zu finden. Einwohnerbücher von Danzig, Graudenz und Zoppot stehen zum Download bereit. (GJ) see: http://wiki-de.genealogy.net/Computergenealogie I truly appreciate this acknowledgement.  These books(…)


Not all genealogy is in the past.  Some of it happens before your very eyes. This is one of those events and weeks for us.  This week is my parents (Fred Rabideau & Luise Senger) 60th Wedding Anniversary.  Today we are taking them out for a small dinner celebration. In those 60 years a lot(…)

Another Genealogy Adventure…. part 2

To fix the problems, Craig and I devised a fairly simple plan. Craig sent me the genealogical documents he had in his possession. He agreed to travel to Plattsburgh, New York in search of additional source evidence. I agreed to re-read (this time more carefully) all the documentation I had in my possession; this evidence(…)

Joseph Yon (Joseph Deyo) by Wilfred Deyo

PART I JOSEPH YON (JOSEPH DEYO) 1805-1880-PLUS INTRODUCTION Joseph Yon was born around the year 1805. His parents, Ignace Yon (Guyon) and Marie Suzanne Gervais were of the Parish of St. Marc sur Richelieu. It is believed Joseph lived in the area of St. Marc until his marriage at about the age of twenty three.(…)

Another Genealogy Adventure…. part 1

As I have written numerous times before the Deyo portion of my family is a bit of a challenge. Well recently, my analysis and documentation of the Joseph Dion line was once again brought into question (by my new friend Craig LaPine!). On Saturday the 24th of April, I received the following email note from(…)

Deyo Family Branch is official….

The Deyo Family genealogy (of Upstate NY and Southern Quebec) is offically online. Currently, there are more than 3000 pages of materials in this area; there are also a few bugs and unfortunately the data remains incomplete. I have several hundred (thousand?) documents yet to link in this area. I, also, have significant sections of(…)

On-line Tree(s)!

The first of our on-line family trees is now available- The Deyo Family Line. It is readily accessible from our Menus simply by selecting Genealogy and then Deyo Family (Branch).  Using the GRAMPS integration approach, there are no user/ password requirements for gaining access to and open family line. This portion of our tree is(…)

Clement Lerige (Leriger)

source Clement Lerige, Seuir de La Plante came to New France in 1685 as an officer of the Troupes de la Marine, a section of the King’s Navy. Clement was captured by the Iroquois in 1689 and was enslaved with them for 2 years. He learned to speak the Indian language and survived and eventually(…)

Moise Dupuis

The [following] was [written] by the author Rita Campbell. We share common ancestors, Moise Dupuis and Ann Christiansen. The story is based on the few facts known about Moise and Ann and general knowledge of the area and times in which they lived. Attempting to tread the paths of a man who passed this way(…)

Marie Anne (Annetje) Louise Christiansen

source: Rootsweb (original source link was removed) Born: Abt 1675-1676, Corlaer (Schenectady), NY, US Baptized: 12 Jul 1699, Notre-Dame-Cathédrale, Montréal, Québec, Canada Marriage: Moise DUPUIS 21 Jul 1697, Reformed Dutch Church, Albany, NY, US Died: 26 Oct 1750, Laprairie, Québec, Canada Buried: 27 Oct 1750, La-Nativité-de-la-Bienheureuse-Vierge-Marie-de-Laprairie, Québec, Canada General Notes: Marie Anne (Annetje) Louise Christiansen:(…)

A Great Find…

One of the great joys of doing genealogy work is that every once in a while, you make a great find.  A find that brings on a feeling of joy, wonder, and belonging.  Yesterday was one of those days for me. I know I have been offering a lot of insights into issues associated with(…)

Scandinavia Research is underway

I have begun in earnest working on Becky’s side of the family.  This means research in both Norway and Sweden has started for me.  As one might expect the available references and information are a ‘tad’ difficult for non-native language speakers; and my German is not really very close to either Norwegian or Swedish! Having(…)

Johansson Treasure Trove

Yesterday was a wonderful research day for me. I began seriously researching materials and information to support the work my father-in-law (Robert Henss) had done on the Johansson family line (Becky’, my wife’s, matrilineal line).  With a photocopy of his work in hand, I bravely proceeded into uncharted territory (for me). To assign quanta to(…)

Jean Guyon, sieur Du Buisson

Jean Guyon is the scion of the Guyon, Yon and Dion Families in North America. The surname Guyon has taken numerous forms over time; Guyon descendants are additionally known by the following surnames: Després, Dumontier, and Lemoine, and in Louisiana, Derbanne. Jean Guyon was baptized September 18, 1592 in St. Aubin de Tourouvre Perche locality,(…)

The Deyo name from whence???

As hard as it was for me to believe, our Deyo family name is not from the Netherlands and/or Huguenot communities as I had earlier thought but rather it comes down a more circuitous, and I might say “interesting” route. Let me explain what I have thus far unearthed: Leona Deyo, my grandmother (father’s mother)(…)


It pleases me to say that I have identified the entire male Deyo line from John Deyo through to Claude Guyon (born 1629).  The Deyos as we all knew were from France.  Now we know their names and a bit about their journey.  As I find additional information, I will continue to update and post(…)

The Dion – Deyo family from Quebec

It is with special gratitude, appreciation, and ‘apologies’ to the following individuals: Barb Deyo, Wilfred Deyo (deceased), Linda Hayne, Craig LaPine Patti Gravel, Gloria Pratt, Carole Relation that I can now tell the tale of our Dion Family (today most commonly known as the Deyo Family) and their migration from Quebec to the Clinton County(…)

John Deyo

Today through the generosity of the Altona Town Clerk, Carole Relation, I received a copy of my g-g-grandfather’s death certificate.  He died on 12 April 1924 and was buried 18 April 1924 in Altona, New York. This document lists Joseph Deyo as his father and Julie Dennis as his mother.  This document completes the link(…)

Deo/Deyo is Dion!

If you look at the attached record you will find the following Joseph Dion/Deo/Deyo family residing in Quebec during the 1851 Census. This both firmly places the family in St. LaColle, near Montreal.  We also now know through related birth documents of these ‘newly found’ children (for me ‘new’ at least…), the parents birth names(…)

Mary Deyo (Burnah/ Bonin)

Thank you to Barb Deyo for the following documentation. Plattsburgh Daily Press – February 18, 1938 MRS. MARY DEYO OF ALTONA DIES Mrs. Mary Deyo of Altona died at her home yesterday morning at ten O’clock. She was 81 years old. Mrs. Deyo had lived in Altona for the past forty years. Her husband, John(…)

George Deyo update

The mystery of George Deyo’s death is solved.  Here is the text of his obituary: The obit was dated Oct. 19, 1942 and the date of death was Oct. 17, 1942. GEORGE DEYO TO BE BURIED AT ALTONA Funeral services for George Deyo, 78, who died at the home of his sister, Mrs. Fred Belair of Altona, at 7(…)

Eli Deyo 1850-1924

[written by Wilfred Frank Deyo circa 1982] Eli Deyo was born in Lacolle, Province of Quebec, Canada around the year 1850 according to a copy of the marriage certificate issued to him by the Town of Alburg, Vermont when he married Miranda BABBA in Alburg, Vermont on January 6, 1875. He gave his age then(…)

Joseph Deyo & Descendants

The Deyos- 1800-1982 [written by Wilfred Frank Deyo circa 1982] The writer, Wilfred Frank Deyo will incorporate -the following information available as of October 8, 1982 into the “Deyo Family History”- 1800-1982-From Canada to the United States of America which he hopes to put together in the not too distant future. There are still some(…)

John Deao- WW1

Plattsburgh Sentinel -1918 Mr & Mrs. Napoleon Deao received a telegram a few days ago stating that John Deao had been severly wounded in action in France July 15th. John was cited for bravery in action on April 21.

John (Jean, Zeb) Deyo (Deo-Dion)!

Some names can be confusing! I think the title of this post bears that out. Recently I received the following note from Gloria Cusson Pratt of the Northern New York- American Canadian Genealogical Society. Her note informed me of the following: John married as Jean Baptiste Dion to Marie Bonin on 2 July 1866 at(…)

Deyo genealogy

Based on data and input I have received from various people, I believe I have traced  and documented a “plausible” genealogy for the Joseph Deo family leading back to France in the late 1600s. If anyone is interested in reviewing the tree and commenting on what I have pieced together, please contact me.

Does anyone know Tommy?

Tommy was an English war prisoner who spent most of World War 2 working on the Senger family farm in Zeyervorderkampen. He was originally captured by German forces at Dunkirk in 1940 and he spent more than 4 years of the war working on and about the Senger farm.  As you might gather from the(…)

Exina’s Parents are found!

Today was one of those great days for a genealogist… I found some lost relatives.  We had been looking for years to try and figure out who my gg-grandmother’s family was and today Mary Ann Giza from the Town Clerk’s Office in Easthampton, Mass tracked Exina down and sent us the news. We are VERY(…)

A Deyo History- recounted

This document and information is sourced from email messages sent to Mark Rabideau by Patty Gravel. In 1982 Wilfred Deyo, the son of Richard Deyo and the grandson of Eli Deyo, went to Altona to trace the Deyo family line.  While there he met with family members to gather their oral history. His findings made(…)

Chelyabinsk ITL (Gulag)

This write-up is my effort to document the circumstances and images surrounding the Gulag complex to which Frieda Senger was assigned and interned after World War 2 by the Soviets For more information see: Frieda Senger- Post WW2 Gulag Frieda Senger -Suchdienst & Soviet Records source: Wikipedia.de English: Chelyabinsk was the location of a Soviet(…)

The Deyo Mystery… is solved!!

Note: I have solved this mystery and established the link.  John’s parent’s were, in fact, Joseph Dion (Deo- Deyo) and Julia (Julie/ Julienne) Denis (Denys, Lafay, LaFaille, Dennis). The most commanding piece of obvious genealogical evidence is immediately below (John’s death certificate). As for the rest of the story, I am writing and plan to(…)

Albert Senger

It pleases me beyond words to say that I have successfully identified the grave of my Great Uncle and made certain that his grave stone in the battlefields of WW1 France is now updated and complete. Were it not for the wonderful help of the Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge this would never have been possible.  However,(…)

Another Research Success!

Today was one of those days I enjoy; I spent much of the day doing family research in the local LDS Family History Center. Some of the highlights included: We found another brother of my grandfather Richard Senger- Wilhelm, he lived only 14 days. We identified the correct spelling of my g-g-g-g- grandmother Saenger’s maiden(…)

A wonderful day of research!

I guess this is what makes genealogy addictive… I found another generation of Saengers in my mother’s family.  Not only did I find a set of g-g-g-g-parents but I found all of their children as well as the spouses of these children. I am always amazed at what original source documentation provides in terms of(…)


This Wikipedia article excerpt is provided in order to give a bit of historical context to the circumstances surrounding Henss and Rich family history and migrations. More history texts are available here. source: Wikipedia The early history of the Mennonites starts with the Anabaptists in the German and Dutch-speaking parts of central Europe. The German(…)

Senger Family Lands & Possesions

The Senger family were neither rich nor famous. They were hard working German farmers who tilled the soil and built the land (much like their forebears before them did in Holland). Richard Senger, at the outset of World War 2, was also an owner of the Kaeserei- Dairy (Papatschen Meierei) in Zeyersvorderkampen. I do not(…)


Recently I received an set of email messages from a very helpful reader (Vielen dank, Hans!). I have taken a risk and translated the gist of his correspondence into English. I have blended his materials along with my research to reconstruct a view of Pietzkendorf. I will add more information as it comes to light.(…)

The LDS & Zeyer ev. Kirche Records

Yesterday was the very first time I was able to view Zeyer Church records, courtesy of my local LDS (Mormon) Church Family History Center and the Salt Lake City, UT Genealogy LDS Offices. I can hardly find the words to explain the experience. It was like a trip into the past. I had my very(…)

The Sengers -1920 to 1944

Richard Senger was a successful German farmer (Landwirt)  in West Prussia. He worked and cared for his family’s farm with the help of his wife (Frieda), children (Luise & Erich), his brother Rudolf (Onkel Rudolf, known simply as Onkel) and his sister-in-law Erna Recht (Tante Erna). The homestead and lands had been in the Senger(…)

Richard Senger- The Long Road

In late winter of 1944/45, the Senger’s farm was overrun and occupied by a command of the advancing Russian armies.  The family furniture and possessions were stolen by non-Germans;  the lives and history of the Senger family were unalterably, irretrievably changed. Only the Senger farm and two other farms in the village of Zeyervorderkampen remained(…)

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