Emil Johnson (Johansson) Family

On the wind

10 May 2014 was day of commemoration and celebration.The sun, wind, skies, and Rocky Mountains were all in attendance, as were the four daughters and two sons-in-law. Deer, birds, and the fresh, green sprouts of spring promised renewal and life. God was there and spoke for Himself. No intermediary was needed. He made his presence(…)

Scandinavia Research is underway

I have begun in earnest working on Becky’s side of the family.  This means research in both Norway and Sweden has started for me.  As one might expect the available references and information are a ‘tad’ difficult for non-native language speakers; and my German is not really very close to either Norwegian or Swedish! Having(…)

Johansson Treasure Trove

Yesterday was a wonderful research day for me. I began seriously researching materials and information to support the work my father-in-law (Robert Henss) had done on the Johansson family line (Becky’, my wife’s, matrilineal line).  With a photocopy of his work in hand, I bravely proceeded into uncharted territory (for me). To assign quanta to(…) queries in seconds.