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Finding Wilhelm Henss

To say that finding Wilhelm Henss (William Henss) was difficult is an understatement. It seems like his German home and family had been lost to the US Henss family from the very beginning. The why behind that fact remains a mystery. We will probably never know if William choose to keep his origins “quiet” or(…)

On the wind

10 May 2014 was day of commemoration and celebration.The sun, wind, skies, and Rocky Mountains were all in attendance, as were the four daughters and two sons-in-law. Deer, birds, and the fresh, green sprouts of spring promised renewal and life. God was there and spoke for Himself. No intermediary was needed. He made his presence(…)

DNA analysis

Numerous folks have requested information on the results of my DNA analysis.  (I used 23andMe to run my analysis.) The following links will hopefully provide an adequate review of the information I am willing to make publicly available.  Should you desire additional information/ particulars, please contact me directly; I may, or may not, be willing(…)

Luftgaukommando VII

During the latter stages of World War II, Luise Senger served as an executive administrative assistant in Luftgaukommando VII. We are uncertain what rank or level position she actually held.  The photos in this gallery depict the building as it looked during the Third Reich and as it appears currently. This giant building was the(…)

A Leona Deyo surprise

About two weeks ago, I was surprised with a very pleasant email and picture from one of my ‘cousins’. Barb had been researching the Deyo family and made a very exciting discovery, she wrote: Look what I found while searching online at SUNY Plattsburgh. Leona Deyo, Altona, NY. They give her age as about 2(…)

Hermann Schepansky Family

At this point, we believe that our research has produced a rather complete image of the Families and Children of Hermann Schepansky. If you know of additional source materials or information, we would love hearing from you. HERMANN1 SCHEPANSKY was born about 1754 in Kerbshorst, Westpreussen, Germany1. Herman Schepansky was baptized in 1802 in Marcushof,(…)

Die Wedhorn Vertreibung (Expulsion)

Note:  This account is the product of numerous discussions, interviews and writings between Frieda geboren Wedhorn, her son Norbert Grohmann, and Mark Rabideau.  Every effort has been made to remain true to the intent, content and events of this life altering time. During the days preceding Frieda geboren Wedhorn’s capture and deportation by the Soviets,(…)

Samuel Ferdinand Recht- Caroline Henriette Sczepanski

Note: additional source materials are currently being sought. Aside from the birth records of Samuel Ferdinand Recht and Caroline Henrietta Sczepanski we have very sparse information regarding the lives and existence of our couple and their family/ children. Samuel Ferdinand Recht (Birth & Baptism) Caroline Henriette Sczepanski (Birth & Baptism) The second place we find(…)

Johann Recht Family(ies)

Note: This material/ history is incomplete. Any/ all suggestions or pointers are most appreciated! Johann Recht had two, perhaps three, marriages.  His first documented marriage was with Elisabeth Barwich (Baarwich)- our progenitor; his second documented marriage was with Florentine Barwich (a cousin? of Elisabeth).  As far as we can tell, Johann and his families lived(…)

Cornelius Schepansky Family(ies)

At this point, we believe that our research has produced a rather complete image of the Families and Children of Cornelius Schepansky. If you know of additional source materials or information, we would love hearing from you. Our information and resources have been and continue to be packaged for submission to the Schepanski Family Archives(…)

John Hall c. 1732 – 1794

This page is under development; research is on-going Note: additional source materials are currently being sought. The Grandfathers Vol.I, The Hall and Overstreet Families Carrol Carman Hall, Springfield, IL, 1981 Section I Chapter 3, Page 19 From his will of 1794 John Hall c. 1732 – 1794 Miller on Rockcastle Creek It is common among(…)

William Hall 1707? – 1757

This page is under development; research is on-going Note: additional source materials are currently being sought. The Immigrant Grandfather Source: The Grandfathers The death of William Hall on the first of May, 1757 at the hands of the Cherokee Indians, not only thrust upon John Hall, his oldest son, the responsibility of heading the family(…)

Christian and Mary (Roth) Wenger- A Brief History

This page is under development; research is on-going Note: additional source materials and records are currently being sought. Christian Wenger was born 2 DEC 1799, Basel, Switzerland Mary Roth was born 15 NOV 1807, Dornach, Switzerland They were married 7 SEP 1830, Burgfelden, Elsass Christian Wenger and family migrated from Germany through Basel, Switzerland to(…)

August Ferdinand Kunz – Catherine Elisabeth Albrecht

The family of August Kunz and Elisabeth Albrecht lived in Neuteicherwalde in Kreis Marienburg, Westpreussen (West Prussia). August was a Hofbesitzer (Farmer). It is believed that Hermann Recht and Auguste geboren Kunz inherited the family farm with their marriage three plus years following the death of August Ferdinand (facts are being sought to confirm this).(…)

Hermann Recht- Auguste Kunz Family History

Hermann Recht and Auguste Kunz were married in Baarendorf ev. Kirche Kreis Marienburg, West Preussen.  To quote from the church records: Johann Hermann Recht, born 16 June 1869 in Zeyersniederkampen, married Auguste Alvine Caroline Kunz on 10 March 1891. (page 192 Baarendorf ev. Kirche). Based upon an oral family history/ tradition obtained by me from(…)

Sometimes… magic happens

Today was one of those amazing days. It is often unbelievable what the universe has in store for you. Today, I received a small insight. A cousin of mine, Norbert Grohmann contacted me. Mind you, I had no idea that I had a cousin by that name or that his part of the family had(…)

Auguste Alvina Caroline Kunz

It was another one of those days a genealogist only dreams of… one, when a huge brick wall comes tumbling down. Today my daughter and I were reading through our latest bunch of 11 Family History Center tapes, hoping to eek out a simple clue regarding our Prussian German forebears. We had already viewed 9(…)

Francois Lafaye & Marguerite Foret/Forest

I have encountered yet another Quebec genealogy mystery. As you might expect, this “new” mystery also involves the Deyo line. Nothing new there, I guess! Here’s where things stand currently. The family in question are the Francois Lafaye/ Marguerite Foret family- my gggg-grandparents down my grandmother’s maternal line (mid 1700s). Marguerite Foret/Forest appears ‘likely’ to(…)

Alexis Menard- Louise Pageau family history

Notes: This history will become the basis for my September 2011 tutorial at the Parker Genealogical Society. (Another example French Canada search for Francois Lafaye & Marguerite Foret/Forest is also underway at ManyRoads and may be used during the tutorial.) Hyperlinks on this page will most often open source documents. Comments, suggestions & questions are(…)

Another Deyo adventure!

I guess I could have entitled this posting, out with the old, in with the new.  But as with most genealogy not very much of this information is actually new; including the fact that I had yet another problem in my Deyo lineage. Here’s the long and short of what has happened.  Barb (one of(…)

Zeyer- the end

Recollections of an officer of the chief administrative district in Zeyer. Johannes Jahn, farmer and farm owner in Zeyersvorderkampen. see original document This document has been translated and reworked with additional family history by Mark Rabideau. The District of Zeyer was located in the northeast corner of the Free State of Danzig, in the area(…)

For some its Groundhog’s Day

2 February is one of those days that adds a bit of winter fun to many Americans’ lives. For me though, it is something much more. It was 122 years ago today (2 February 2011) that my grandfather was born. As readers of this site will most likely know, he remains one of my life’s(…)

Papatschen Käserei (Meierei)

In Zeyervorderkampen during and before World War 2, there was a small Käserei (Meierei) Dairy that was owned, all or in part, by Richard Senger. Based upon maps and analysis of the region (today Kepiny Male) by Rainer Glodde-Mueller during his 2010 journey to the area, it is believed that the following photos are what remains(…)

Adelgunde Wilhelmine Senger geb. Kiehl is found!

After searching for more than 70 years for documentary evidence, on 11 December 2010, we finally viewed the image of the birth record of Adelgunde Wilhelmine Senger geboren (born) Kiehl (my great-grandmother- “O-oma“). It was one of those ‘hoped for’ breakthrough findings. Earlier we had uncovered evidence on FamilySearch saying that her birth record was(…)

Wasserstrasse, Elbing

On the 22nd of October, 2010, I received an email from a long-time (since 1762) family friend (more on that later). Rainer and his family were in Poland looking at the alte Heimatland. AND… they had been to visit the street where my mother lived as a teenager with her Onkel Robert and Tante Olga.(…)

Frieda Senger Birth Record!

Thursday the 7 October 2010 was one of those spectacular days for a family genealogist! I went to the Parker Family History Center to do research in the Ladekopp/ Pietzkendorf Evangelische Kirche records. I had no idea what, if anything I might find. What I found was both amazing and joyful.  I found my grandmother’s(…)

Otto Wedhorn- Ella Recht Family

The Otto und Ella Wedhorn history is unusually sad one.  It is also one of resilience.  Otto and Ella were Luise Senger’s Aunt and Uncle (Ella was sister to Frieda Recht).  Our families had basically been lost to each other until 2011 when Norbert Grohmann contacted me here on ManyRoads. Otto Wedhorn was born on(…)

Verda Marie Rich Henss

The following obituary was published in Mennonite Weekly Review: 8 Dec 1926 p. 7 Verda Marie Rich, wife of Paul Henss, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Rich, May 9th, 1905 near Crawfordsville, Iowa and departed this life in Wayland, Iowa, November 27, 1926 at the age of 21 years 6 months and(…)

Gerald Deyo

Gerald Deyo was one of the first US paratroopers trained in Panama, during World War 2. After his training, he became a member of the the 503 Parachute Battalion. Ultimately he attained the position of Jumpmaster. During the war, Gerald was based in Australia and fought mostly in New Guinea. On one of his jumps(…)

Clarence Deyo

Clarence Deyo spent most of World War 2 as a platoon Sargent in the Timberwolf Division fighting through France and into Germany. While in Northern France his platoon unwittingly captured a German payroll truck. After the capture, his squad got drunk and burned all the money to keep warm. Clarence’s most traumatic incident in the(…)

Erich Senger

Erich Senger was born in Zeyersvorderkampen, West Prussia on 10 Dec 1921 to Richard and Frieda Senger. He spent his youth growing up on the Senger farm along with his sister Luise. Erich was a mischievous, precocious and inventive child. As a children he and his sister Luise walked from their home across the Schulweg(…)

John & Isabella (Solomon) Musgrove Family- a brief history

John & Isabella (Solomon) Musgrove are in the Henss branch of our family lineage. We are in search of additional information and photos regarding John & Isabella that may be available. We are especially keen to find military information (for John’s service and death), gravestone images, marriage documentation and death certificates. Please use our contact(…)

Isaac Wade and Keziah (Musgrove) Allen- a brief history

Isaac W. and Keziah Allen are in our Henss family lineage. We are in search of additional information and photos regarding Keziah and Isaac Wade  that may be available.  We are especially keen to find gravestone images, marriage documentation and death certificates. Please use our contact page if you have any information to share. 1870(…)

Robert & Jane (Vaughan) Owen- 1684

Robert Owen, of Dolserau, came over in the ship Vine, of Liverpool, sailing from Dolyserre, near Dolgules, Merioneth, with his wife, Jane, son Lewis, and a servant boy and four maid servants, and arrived at Philadelphia in Sep. 1684. He had been a Justice of the Peace at Dolserau, near Dolgelly, (and near Bala), Where(…)

John Hall- Revolutionary Mysteries

I am currently working on a portion of the Henss family and am ‘visiting’ Virginia/ Maryland at the time of the Revolutionary War. The person I am closely examining is a Mister John Hall; his wife is Mary Magdelene Smith. I just love it when the names are so incredibly unique! So here goes, I(…)

Keziah Hall (Musgrove)

This page is under development; research is on-going Note: additional source materials are currently being sought. Keziah Hall (Musgrove) 1782 In her father’s Will of 1794, Keziah, his youngest child, was given ‘one Negroe Girl named Patt at my wifes death Likewise one Feather Bed & Cow & Calf.’ Since her mother lived to 1833,(…)

25th Iowa Volunteer Infantry- Civil War

What follows is a brief history of the Civil War Unit in which John Musgrove 3. Sgt. fought and died. A brief visual tour of the Iowa 25th at Vicksburg is also available online on a National Parks website. source 25th Regiment Infantry Organized at Mount Pleasant and mustered in September 27, 1862. Ordered to(…)

Isaac & Jackson Allen Family History in 1888

Source[ref]ManyRoads Iowa Library see p.334 Original Text: Portrait and Biographical Album of Henry County, Iowa Containing Full Page Portraits and Biographical Sketches of Prominent and Representative Citizens of the County, Together with Portraits and Biographies of All the Governors of Iowa, and of the Presidents of the United States. Chicago: Acme Pub., 1888. Print.[/ref] ISAAC(…)

Wenger Bros. – Wayland, Iowa

original source: by Dick Barton Wenger Bros., general merchants. The most enterprising firm of young men in the village of Wayland are the brothers, Joseph and Christian C. Wenger, both born in Washington County, Iowa, and are the two eldest sons of Christian and Elizabeth (Goldsmith) Wenger. Christian was born in Switzerland and is a(…)

Swiss Mennonite History

From The European History of the Swiss Mennonites from Volhynia Schrag, Martin H 1956 source web document The early Anabaptists were educated and urban–but the persecution drove them from the cities and towns to the remote and relatively inaccessible highlands and mountain fringes of the fertile areas of the Canton Bern. Here they hid and(…)

Anabaptist Mennonite Tradition & Background

Much of the Robert Henss family background is rooted in Swiss and Iowa Anabaptist Mennonite traditions.  Many of our forebears were active participants and members of the following congregations. [Please note that this post will be updated as more information is uncovered]. Basel-Holee (Basel Switzerland) Basel-Holee, a Mennonite congregation with a meetinghouse at Holeestrasse 141(…)

Senger Land und Großen Buden Kampe

The Senger Family appears to have had a long term link to the lands around Zeyer (see below). I guess it is no wonder that my mother is still so ‘mentally’ attached to this land and region (Es war einmal…). Thank you to Rainer Mueller-Glodde for this note & excerpt: Two years ago (2008) a(…)

The Raphael Robidoux Family of Altona, NY

This area may be augmented in the future as I attempt to uncover additional Census and/or photographic information for inclusion here. The Raphael (Russel) Robidoux & Family- 1880 The family lived in Altona, NY; their exact location is unknown as the street information was left blank on 1880 Census. At that time, Raphael (40) was(…)

Lacolle, Quebec- A brief history

Lacolle is the area from which the Joseph Dion family emigrated to the United States.  Historically both Rabideau and Dion/ Deyo family members lived and traversed this region. Click here to read about the Lacolle Military Battles. source [minor edits and corrections made by ManyRoads] First written mention of Lacolle can be traced back to(…)

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