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Anabaptist-Mennonite DNA project participation

As many of you may have already guessed, our families and ancestries are crowded with Mennonite and Amish peoples- Anabaptists. For years, we knew of the Rich (Henss Family Branch)  connections to the Swiss- Elsass/Alsace,  Montbeliard/ Bern communities. More recently, we have come to understand quite a bit of the Senger (Rabideau Family Branch) connections(…)

German Genealogy Research Aids

Based on email traffic I have seen lately, it seems to me that all too many people think they are doomed to failure with their German genealogical research simply because they are unfamiliar with the German language (dialects) or unaware of German speaking peoples’ histories. Knowing something about German and “the history of German speaking(…)

Semi-irregular ManyRoads Newsletter (June 2012)

First off I want to apologize for the few month hiatus in ManyRoads Newsletters.  You are right, this has happened before.  Maybe I should just admit to my unreliable nature but on the other hand the good news is, I am not drowning you in spam!?! For those interested in what I have been doing(…)

Hermann Schepansky Family

At this point, we believe that our research has produced a rather complete image of the Families and Children of Hermann Schepansky. If you know of additional source materials or information, we would love hearing from you. HERMANN1 SCHEPANSKY was born about 1754 in Kerbshorst, Westpreussen, Germany1. Herman Schepansky was baptized in 1802 in Marcushof,(…)

Do genealogy? Really?

Perhaps, it was Friday or maybe the day before… Becky (my wife) and I were discussing why I do genealogy work. More precisely, the question we were discussing focused on what advantages or benefits I (the genealogy fanatic) actually attain from my endeavors. Because, wealth most certainly was not among them. But in all seriousness,(…)

Past to future

Over the past few weeks, I have been mulling over the significance of history, war, and the ravages of time.  Quite the happy thoughts I know. I suppose this stream of consciousness was initiated by my review of some photos from my mother’s family church in Zeyer, Westpreussen, in what is today Poland.  Then today(…)

The 200,000th visit

We are extremely pleased to report that last night (3 June 2012) ManyRoads received its 200,000th visitor. We know that does not put us in anything like “a high traffic mode”. But, we are pleased to have gathered and perhaps even sustained a loyal readership. Thank you very much for visiting our site; we look(…)

Remote Desktop Sharing (Free)

For years I have had the need to share information, applications, and desktops across the miles.  Just recently, I stumbled across two viable, and affordable solutions that should work for people like me who are: poor (and prefer to stick with Open Source – Free- software), multiplatform (Win, Mac, Linux) users and who also… desire(…)

Die Wedhorn Vertreibung (Expulsion)

Note:  This account is the product of numerous discussions, interviews and writings between Frieda geboren Wedhorn, her son Norbert Grohmann, and Mark Rabideau.  Every effort has been made to remain true to the intent, content and events of this life altering time. During the days preceding Frieda geboren Wedhorn’s capture and deportation by the Soviets,(…)

Using Mendeley &tc. for Genealogy Research

As I mentioned in an earlier post, recently I came across a VERY promising research tool to assist in gathering, sorting, and sharing research source materials.  That tool is called Mendeley .  It enhances, compliments, and can even replace tools like Zotero.  It, also, links interactively with desktop word processing tools like LibreOffice/OpenOffice and perhaps(…)

Prussian Mennonite Research Materials

As many of you may know, my Recht family line (Hermann Recht’s family) has strong roots within what was once the Mennonite Community resident near the former Elbing and Marienburg, Westpreussen. As I conduct my Prussian Mennonite family genealogical research, this page will evolve and develop into something a bit more robust. I am using(…)

Data gathering tools (new, to me)

As a genealogist that conducts much of his research on the web, good data and image gathering tools are extremely helpful.  As a person who relies heavily on the PC as a genealogical repository and information processor, tools that help me sort and process the information I gather are highly valued (prized).  In all fairness,(…)

Copyright, copyleft, protect your stuff…

Assuming you write materials and you’d like to get protection and/or keep some credit for your work, here are a few thoughts. (Note: do not confuse this Blog posting with any manner of legal advice.) Firstly, you ought to decide if you really want your materials to be shared and/or protected.  No matter what you(…)

SOPA/PIPA protest

ManyRoads will join the Internet protest on 18 January 2012 against the unreasonable and un-American PIPA/SOPA legislation & actions before the US Congress. Hopefully someday the United States will, once again, appreciate and respect freedom of speech.

Hinaus in die Ferne

It probably bears mention that my grandmother- Frieda Senger- was a woman of many verses.  So given that my most recent visits with my mother have involved hearing a particular verse frequently; I thought I’d preserve it for posterity, especially since it is a verse I never heard while growing up.  It’s a lively little(…)

Heimatortskartei gets personal

Almost all ManyRoads readers know that my mother’s family was among those expelled by the allies from the the former German Eastern province of West Prussia following World War 2.  Today, I had the great honor to read and view the Heimatortskartei records of my relatives and their friends/ neighbors.  I have placed the images(…)

ManyRoads available FHC Films/ Tapes

Because my local Family History Center is moving to a new ‘film’ filing system, I thought it would make good sense for me to explicitly track all the permanent films I have locally on file. Obviously, I hope to keep this list current so I can both find and access my tapes more readily. Eventually,(…)

Finding Genealogy Software (more) pointers…

In keeping with the theme of my previous posting, here are some additional pointers to genealogy software and software reviews. Be aware that none of the listings are complete, nor do they over-lap to any significant amount. Each list is “somewhat” to “a lot” unique.  Additionally you should note, not all the listings or reviews(…)

Samuel Ferdinand Recht- Caroline Henriette Sczepanski

Note: additional source materials are currently being sought. Aside from the birth records of Samuel Ferdinand Recht and Caroline Henrietta Sczepanski we have very sparse information regarding the lives and existence of our couple and their family/ children. Samuel Ferdinand Recht (Birth & Baptism) Caroline Henriette Sczepanski (Birth & Baptism) The second place we find(…)

Eastern Germans, a cold case?

Searching for missing or lost family members from the former German Eastern Provinces can be quite a challenge. As you may already know, following the WW2 defeat of Germany by the allies, almost all ethnic Germans were ‘cleansed’ from their former homes in East/ West Prussia, Pomerania, Silesia, etc. (as well as much of Eastern(…)

Presenting family genealogies on the web

Presenting readable, genealogical information, data, and stories is a complex challenge.  It seems to me that people’s lives ought to be expressed as more than family trees, dates, and lineages.  I have been struggling with this problem for quite a while.  Perhaps you have as well. Over the years, I have noticed a few ‘special’(…)

Johann Recht Family(ies)

Note: This material/ history is incomplete. Any/ all suggestions or pointers are most appreciated! Johann Recht had two, perhaps three, marriages.  His first documented marriage was with Elisabeth Barwich (Baarwich)- our progenitor; his second documented marriage was with Florentine Barwich (a cousin? of Elisabeth).  As far as we can tell, Johann and his families lived(…)

Mennonite Histories of West Prussia

The links on this page have been sourced from the Prussian Mennonite Genealogy Resources site. I have rearranged the original links and grouped them for my convenience. Please note, these materials are used without permission because there was no copyright notice or location from which to request usage permission. All ownership and rights of this(…)

Cornelius Schepansky Family(ies)

At this point, we believe that our research has produced a rather complete image of the Families and Children of Cornelius Schepansky. If you know of additional source materials or information, we would love hearing from you. Our information and resources have been and continue to be packaged for submission to the Schepanski Family Archives(…)

Danzig- Westpreussen (West Prussia) Heimatortskartei

For those wishing to gain access to photographic images of the actual Heimatortskartei from the towns, cities & villages which were near what used to be Danzig in West Prussia, they are available on FamilySearch. (LINK to Danziger Gebiet (Area ) Westpreussen (West Prussia) Heimatortskartei). These represent images of a civil register (handwritten and printed(…)

Genealogy & Data Management

Some of you may be aware that my ‘day’ job involves benchmarking organizations against various process and business improvement models (see: PEP) .  If you are reading this note on ManyRoads, you most certainly are aware that I have a passion for genealogy (as my daughter might say: “No Duh.”). What I am curious about(…)

Another Mocavo offering

Mocavo is embarking on a new extension of their already exceedingly useful services; one where they conduct automated research and linking between family trees. According to them, once you upload your GEDCOM File(s) you will begin to taking part in the future of genealogy research. Mocavo plans to send out fully-automated search results to your(…)

John Hall c. 1732 – 1794

This page is under development; research is on-going Note: additional source materials are currently being sought. The Grandfathers Vol.I, The Hall and Overstreet Families Carrol Carman Hall, Springfield, IL, 1981 Section I Chapter 3, Page 19 From his will of 1794 John Hall c. 1732 – 1794 Miller on Rockcastle Creek It is common among(…)

William Hall 1707? – 1757

This page is under development; research is on-going Note: additional source materials are currently being sought. The Immigrant Grandfather Source: The Grandfathers The death of William Hall on the first of May, 1757 at the hands of the Cherokee Indians, not only thrust upon John Hall, his oldest son, the responsibility of heading the family(…)

Christian and Mary (Roth) Wenger- A Brief History

This page is under development; research is on-going Note: additional source materials and records are currently being sought. Christian Wenger was born 2 DEC 1799, Basel, Switzerland Mary Roth was born 15 NOV 1807, Dornach, Switzerland They were married 7 SEP 1830, Burgfelden, Elsass Christian Wenger and family migrated from Germany through Basel, Switzerland to(…)

ManyRoads Update- October 2011

First off I want to apologize for the few month hiatus in ManyRoads Updates.  By way of a brief explanation, things have been extremely stressful and busy for us from a personal, family perspective.  But as we all know, life is like that sometimes… From a genalogical perspective, things have also been very busy and(…)

August Ferdinand Kunz – Catherine Elisabeth Albrecht

The family of August Kunz and Elisabeth Albrecht lived in Neuteicherwalde in Kreis Marienburg, Westpreussen (West Prussia). August was a Hofbesitzer (Farmer). It is believed that Hermann Recht and Auguste geboren Kunz inherited the family farm with their marriage three plus years following the death of August Ferdinand (facts are being sought to confirm this).(…)

Hermann Recht- Auguste Kunz Family History

Hermann Recht and Auguste Kunz were married in Baarendorf ev. Kirche Kreis Marienburg, West Preussen.  To quote from the church records: Johann Hermann Recht, born 16 June 1869 in Zeyersniederkampen, married Auguste Alvine Caroline Kunz on 10 March 1891. (page 192 Baarendorf ev. Kirche). Based upon an oral family history/ tradition obtained by me from(…)

New FamilySearch Film Ordering

This week I used the new FamilySearch.org microfilm (microfiche) ordering system for the first time. As you might expect, like any new service there are a few wrinkles but overall the new system is simply a magnificent advancement.  Here’s what I learned with my orders. NOTE: If you did not already know, recently FamilySearch.org placed(…)

Sometimes… magic happens

Today was one of those amazing days. It is often unbelievable what the universe has in store for you. Today, I received a small insight. A cousin of mine, Norbert Grohmann contacted me. Mind you, I had no idea that I had a cousin by that name or that his part of the family had(…)

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