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Address-book & Download Problem Update

For those of you who access & use the ManyRoads Address-books and other Download pages, I have finally repaired the problems with the pages. At least, I hope I have! Based upon my testing, the Download and Address-book pages all refresh now with each load.  If I am right, you should find the correct document(…)

Finding Wilhelm Henss

To say that finding Wilhelm Henss (William Henss) was difficult is an understatement. It seems like his German home and family had been lost to the US Henss family from the very beginning. The why behind that fact remains a mystery. We will probably never know if William choose to keep his origins “quiet” or(…)

Polish Genealogy Sources

Recently, I decided it was time to begin researching my Aunt Annette’s family.  For the record, my Aunt Annette was my grandfather’s second wife.  Although she is of no genetic relationship to me, 30 years after her death I remain emotionally linked to her. Anyway, her family line was from Poland. She married my grandfather(…)

On the wind

10 May 2014 was day of commemoration and celebration.The sun, wind, skies, and Rocky Mountains were all in attendance, as were the four daughters and two sons-in-law. Deer, birds, and the fresh, green sprouts of spring promised renewal and life. God was there and spoke for Himself. No intermediary was needed. He made his presence(…)

Exercising your brain

For those of you who follow any/ some/ all of my adventures and misadventures I have something a bit different to share. My newest mental exercise… Like most everyone, I need to learn new languages. Also, like everyone I can make a thousand excuses about not learning a new language. I should note, although a(…)

When paths cross

This article is cross posted from the PEP, Inc. website. There are times in life when paths cross.  As many of you may know, among my greatest interests are both process improvement (my ‘day job’) and my family (not just those living but also including my past, meaning my ‘genealogy’). Well, yesterday was one of(…)

TED videos on Genealogy, DNA, etc.

  I thought folks might enjoy viewing some TED videos on Genealogy, DNA, etc. DNA Clues to our Inner Neanderthal- by Svante Pääbo Curating Humanity’s Heritage- by Elizabeth Lindsey The Stories Behind the Bloodlines- by Taryn Simon

Altpreussische Monatsschrift (von 1864 bis 1913)

Altpreußische Monatsschrift (original most source materials located here – here – here) hrsg. unter Mitwirkung der Königlichen Deutschen Gesellschaft zu Königsberg und des Vereins für die Geschichte Ost- und Westpreußens. – Königsberg, Pr. : Thomas & Oppermann Abkürzungstitel: APM. – Digitalisiert von Google Books. – ZDB-ID: 506912-9. APM Register 1-40, bearb. von Max Perlbach (1905)(…)

New Libraries Downloads

I am pleased to announce that ManyRoads has expanded and renewed its online libraries, including historical and genealogical texts, historical videos, historical music collections and more. As most of you are most likely aware, the collections include a significant bias towards Prussian (especially Westpreussen), Amish, Mennonites, Quakers, French Canada, with a large smattering of Iowa(…)

Pommern Genealogy Research of Egon Giese

A few weeks ago, Egon Giese contacted me to ask if I was willing to post his largely Pomeranian genealogy research (Pommern Ahnenforschung) on ManyRoads. Naturally I could not refuse his exceedingly generous offer. This posting is the official announcement of his research materials availability on ManyRoads. For those who would like access to Egon’s(…)

digibiblio German Database

  digibiblio.de a project (subsidiary) of Genealogy24.com is offering Free user registration through the end (28) of February 2014.  The digitized data they offer generally consists of digitized Ahnenpässen (passports), Familienstammbüchern (family books) and GEDCOM files. digibiblio.de If you are looking for “a needle in the haystack”, this could afford you an unexpected/ free opportunity(…)

I’ve hit a Brick Wall, Now What?

Arnold Palmer was generous enough to share his Brickwall PowerPoint (I’ve hit a Brick Wall, Now What?) presentation with our readership. Please read, enjoy and remember to thank him for his generosity! Also, I would remind you to repect his copyright of the materials. [download id="14916"]  

ManyRoads, update!

I apologize for the past week’s site outages. The ManyRoads site performance spiked wildly and was shut down for 12 hours on Thursday by our host provider. Unfortunately, Thursday was a travel day for me and  the fix took many hours longer than normal to ‘repair’.  Since Thursday’s ‘shut-down’, I have done a lot of(…)

Historical Maps- Historische Landkarten

If you have interest, I have placed a few hundred maps on Many Roads Galleries, a lot are new. Here is a basic list: Falls Sie Interesse dafür haben, ich habe ein paar hundert Landkarten auf ManyRoads; eine Menge sind neu. Hier ist eine beispiel Liste: Cartographic Resources European Historical Maps mit (including): Gulags Historical(…)

Les anabaptistes à Montbéliard

Léopold-Eberhardt leur confie ses propriétés (original source article) Le Duc de Wurtemberg reignant sur le Pays de Montbéliard en ce début de XVIIIème siècle était particulièrement controversé : il était un séducteur invétéré, courtisant des femmes sans titre avec qui il aura une vingtaine d’enfants.  Tenant à les doter, il rachète voire confisque des terres à(…)

Possible paths around a brickwall

So you think you have hit a brickwall, and there are no more clues to be found. If you have arrived at that spot and are frustrated, here are some ideas that might help you get ‘unstuck’. Did your ‘targeted’ person have siblings?  If so, have you researched them to see if their lives might(…)

Hesse (Prussia) Genealogy Research

As many of you may already know, the region of the world sometimes referred to as Prussia was both large and diverse, incorporating lands far beyond East & West Prussia. My wife’s family comes from one such area, the lands between Kassel and Darmstadt in what is today: Hessen, Germany. If you, like me, are(…)

Research help in Polish Archives & Collections – Forschung in polnischen Archiven, Behörden

  For those interested in getting genealogical research assistance/help in the former German Eastern provinces of today’s Poland the note below offers some useful guidance.  If you do not read German please run the note through Google Translate or similar.   ——– Original Message ——– Hallo liebe Listenteilnehmer, immer wieder taucht hier die Frage auf(…)

Merry Christmas

  This year I thought we’d wish all of our readers a very Merry Christmas in the languages spoken by the Rabideaus and Hensses over the years.  I am certain I will have missed one or two Languages or Dialects, but nonetheless, here goes:     Merry Christmas (English) Frohe Weihnachten (German, Swiss German) God(…)

GenerousGenealogists’ changes

Because many of you know that I have been and continue to be the primary person involved in GenerousGenealogists, I thought you might appreciate a heads-up regarding changes going on there. Due to the amount of work the site was consuming, I have decided to align efforts there with my primary areas of interest, rather(…)

Surname Searches

Hunting for places where surnames are prevalent can provide and set of useful start locations from which to start a genealogical search.  But before you start here are a couple of points worth considering… Remember most, if not all, surname search tools use current data. So you need to know whether a location has been(…)

Généalogie Québecois Genealogy

If you are interested in getting and sharing information, tips & pointers regarding the search for French Canadian (and other Franco-American) Ancestors, Généalogie Québecois Genealogy may be the “place” ( LinkedIn Group) you have been looking for. As many of you already know, I have a “small” but “abiding” interest in conducting Quebecois Research.  My(…)

Ethnic German Genealogy

If you are interested in getting and sharing information, tips & pointers regarding the search for German Ancestors, Ethnic German Research may be the “perfect” LinkedIn Group for you. As many of you already know, I have a “small” but “abiding” interest in conducting German Research.  My primary areas of interest include (but are not limited(…)

A New Genealogy Technology, Tips & Tricks Site

Have you ever wished there was a place to get and give answers as they relate to using technology in support of your genealogical and historical research efforts? Do you have a need to protect, share, communicate genealogical and historical information with family? Clients? Are you curious about what technological approaches might be working for(…)

How I came over from [Zeyer] Germany

An “old neighbor” from Zeyer, Karl Jochem (deceased), whose descendants now live in the US, wrote the following school assignment, after his arrival in the US in the early 1900s. Because most of my stories are from the period immediately after the Second World War, I thought our readership might enjoy this tale of adventure(…)

Storage Safety: points to ponder

As a person who dabbles in technical issues regularly, my quandary may seem a ‘bit of a surprise’. But, I think the issues involved are rather more complicated than they first appear. Like most of the ManyRoads’ readership, I am involved in genealogy. Stated another way, I gather a lot of family history and pictures.(…)

Zeyer ev. Kirche

Welcome to our small collection of Zeyer ev. Kirche photos. Dates from many of the older photos are uncertain… they span the distant past to those of today’s ruins. This church, which no longer stands, is where generations of my Senger and Recht forebears were baptised, married, and buried (1754-1945). If you have any photos(…)

ManyRoads Libraries and Images Status Update

Our image galleries and Cartographic resources are, once again, online. Almost everything (images and maps) is available via our current menu system. As always, all of our images and maps remain free. All of our document libraries have been converted to our new system, are online, and available. (All but three of our documents are(…)

New ManyRoads Cartographic Area

I am pleased to announce significant revisions to our Cartographic resources (maps).  Because of the image problems I have experienced on ManyRoads, I am moving all my images into a new format.  As a result I have been able to make available considerably more data than in the past.  Our expanded files include some 253(…)

A return visit to Zeyer

The captain said, “Buckle your seat belts.”  The ride was about to get bumpy. It was the 22nd of July 2013 and I was on a small commuter flight returning from my parent’s house, going to my connecting flight in Dulles. The clouds outside were billowing hugely.  The flight staff was told to take their(…)

The Elbing Streetcars return

Der historische Straßenbahnwagen stehen wieder auf dem Alten Markt in Elbing/Elblag. (The historical streetcars are once again in the Elbing/Elblag Old Market.) Click on the following photo to view a live webcam feed of the Old Elbing/Elblag Market.

FHISO announces its first chairperson- Drew Smith

Yesterday I received the following email from FHISO: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Date: 8 June 2013 Family History Information Standards Organisation, Inc. (FHISO) is pleased to announce the appointment of Drew Smith as the first Chair of FHISO, effective 1 July 2013. Drew is currently the Organisational Member Representative to FHISO from the Federation of Genealogical(…)

Grete geb. Roschkowski & Hannelore geb. Petroschka- Remembrances of Elbing

Hannelore Petroschka and Grete geb. Roschkowski were among the tens of thousands of Germans forcibly removed from their home by the German Expulsion – “Ethnic Cleansing” of  Elbing/Elblag following World War 2. In March of 2013, I was contacted by Hannelore’s grand-daughter who wrote: My Grandmother Hannelore was born in Elbing [West Prussia] in 1923(…)

DNA analysis

Numerous folks have requested information on the results of my DNA analysis.  (I used 23andMe to run my analysis.) The following links will hopefully provide an adequate review of the information I am willing to make publicly available.  Should you desire additional information/ particulars, please contact me directly; I may, or may not, be willing(…)

Luftgaukommando VII

During the latter stages of World War II, Luise Senger served as an executive administrative assistant in Luftgaukommando VII. We are uncertain what rank or level position she actually held.  The photos in this gallery depict the building as it looked during the Third Reich and as it appears currently. This giant building was the(…)

A Leona Deyo surprise

About two weeks ago, I was surprised with a very pleasant email and picture from one of my ‘cousins’. Barb had been researching the Deyo family and made a very exciting discovery, she wrote: Look what I found while searching online at SUNY Plattsburgh. Leona Deyo, Altona, NY. They give her age as about 2(…)

Elbing Damals- new photos

For those of you who might be interested in viewing my latest batch of Elbing “Damals” Photos. (Fals Sie interesse darueber haben, hier sind meine lezte Elbing Damals Fotos) The following images were added today (Die folgende Fotos sind jetzt auf ManyRoads): Alte Giebelhaeuser Alte Haeuser Spieringstrasse circa1935 Alter Markt circa 1935 Blick auf St.(…)

ManyRoads Performance Issues

Sadly, many of you may have noticed that we were off line for a bit; and that our site has been bouncing around, while someone (me) has been frantically attempting to repair site performance difficulties.  I guess it is safe to say, we are getting a bit on the large size, and exercise alone won’t(…)

Family Echo

Have you been looking for a way to share your genealogy efforts with family and friends? If so the latest tool set on  GenerousGenealogists might be what you need. Recently GenerousGenealogists announced that Family Echo became part of their family of no-cost genealogy support offerings. Based in Tel Aviv, Family Echo is an open source,(…)

A Genealogy Q&A site

The folks at GenerousGenealogists have recently made available a new and unique Genealogy question and answer site. In many ways the site functions like YahooAnswers. The notable difference is that this Q&A site is geared towards genealogy only. The new GenerousGenealogists Q&A site is not oriented towards finding lost relatives, or solving brickwalls; they do(…)

GenerousGenealogists, RAOGK & me

As is often the case, I sign-up for more than my family thinks is good for me.  This time I agreed to reconstruct a new and hopefully improved version of what used to be Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness (RAOGK).  The renewed incarnation of RAOGK is named: GenerousGenealogists.  Our activities, site, and purpose are largely(…)

Anabaptist-Mennonite DNA project participation

As many of you may have already guessed, our families and ancestries are crowded with Mennonite and Amish peoples- Anabaptists. For years, we knew of the Rich (Henss Family Branch)  connections to the Swiss- Elsass/Alsace,  Montbeliard/ Bern communities. More recently, we have come to understand quite a bit of the Senger (Rabideau Family Branch) connections(…)

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