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Further WordPress – GRAMPS Integration

With the latest release of GRAMPS (version 3.2.2) I have been able to more tightly integrate the WebSite output of GRAMPS with the ManyRoads site.  With this most recent release I have the flexibility of generating html pages- YAY!  I am now able to provide the following functions quite easily: I can add an image […]

GRAMPS – WordPress Integration

Integrating GRAMPS and WordPress is a very straightforward activity. Not a lot of special skills or tools are required in order to make this integration work smoothly. I have to say it is one of the things I like best about GRAMPS. A couple of points worth remembering (knowing?) first: Don’t expect to update your […]

GRAMPS review and decision #3

Today we have published three (3) branches of our genealogy; two (2) are available for public access. Senger Branch (Public) Deyo Branch (Public) I have customized the output of GRAMPS standard web generation tools (NAVWEB) to create a look & feel that is consistent with the ManyRoads website. Please be aware that there remain bugs […]

GRAMPS review and decision #2

Based upon my decision to use GRAMPS as our primary genealogical database management environment, I have begun the transfer of family branches (both public and private) into our new format. If you look closely, you should notice the appearance of new page links from our various menus… As I undertake this transition, I will be […]

GRAMPS review and decision #1

Using GRAMPS as a primary management, storage and presentation tool for our genealogical data came about slowly. As many of you may recall, I tried and still use numerous family databases such as TNG, RootsMagic etc.  However, moving genealogical data back and forth across three or four tools before placing it in a single secure […]

Presenting family genealogies on the web

Presenting readable, genealogical information, data, and stories is a complex challenge.  It seems to me that people’s lives ought to be expressed as more than family trees, dates, and lineages.  I have been struggling with this problem for quite a while.  Perhaps you have as well. Over the years, I have noticed a few ‘special’ […]

Technology Advantages

Technology can and should be an crucial adjunct to your genealogical efforts.  As a matter of fact, I contend that no effort is complete, nor can your genealogy efforts be fully effective, without effective technological support.  The support can be as simple as using a word processor or as complex as writing large databases to […]

Genealogy WebSites

ManyRoads is pleased to announce a $250 website installation and setup package for genealogists (professional, amateur, and family). Our basic $250 package includes: Installation and setup on your server/ host. Note: Your server/ host must meet the minimum WordPress requirements. Domain name registration and Internet server provider costs are not included in our basic pricing. […]

Free Genealogy Forms, Software, etc.

Genealogy Free Stuff! Free Genealogy Forms, Clip Art, Books, and more Family tree templates are only available through a few select websites. Usually you have to have a membership to receive free printable blank family trees or purchase each family tree chart individually. Here you’ll find high quality charts that you can print on your […]

Created with Free Software #1

If you were watching closely, you probably noticed a new logo at the bottom on the ManyRoads web pages. Although the image links to the single most popular piece of open source software that I use on ManyRoads, there are numerous additional tools employed in the creation and management of our website and family history. […]

What Genealogy Tool is best?

Many search but few find… I think that old quote pretty much sums up what happens when searching for the right genealogical toolset. Too often, people believe that their hardware or operating platform defines their selection choices.  In truth, it rarely does.  Almost any tool can be run on any platform.  Certainly a bit of […]

Some updates from ManyRoads

We have added the following items to ManyRoads over the last few weeks: History of New France (4 really long posts) see them here. Two branches of our family genealogy including the Deyo Family and Senger Family. Guide on how-to integrate with GRAMPS. Reasons behind our choice to standardize on GRAMPS for our family genealogy […]

On-line Tree(s)!

The first of our on-line family trees is now available- The Deyo Family Line. It is readily accessible from our Menus simply by selecting Genealogy and then Deyo Family (Branch).  Using the GRAMPS integration approach, there are no user/ password requirements for gaining access to and open family line. This portion of our tree is […]

Cleanup from #2

Ancestry files require a lot of clean-up before they are really useful or accurate.  As I noted earlier, the files themselves need to be scrubbed of duplicates, overlapping records and more. In order to accomplish these repairs, I use numerous tools to address the requisite tasks including: GRAMPS (a Linux Genealogical Toolset)- I like this […] queries in seconds.