Are you new to GEDmatch?

DNA orbit animatedIf you are like many family genealogists and historians, you are likely involved in analyzing the potential of using DNA for your research.

As you may have read, here or elsewhere, my wife and I have both ‘taken’ 23andme and AncestryDNA ‘tests’. We obtained some useful and interesting information; I even solved one small mystery using DNA. But for all that, I’d have to say the whole DNA thing seemed overblown and over valued to me. That is until now.

This last week a friend strongly suggested I use GEDmatch. I dutifully downloaded one of my DNA test results (the one from AncestryDNA because it was newest and I only wanted to use fresh materials…). I created my GEDmatch account, uploaded my DNA data, and waited two days.

At the end of day two, I logged in to my GEDmatch account and looked at my list of options, selected one and … couldn’t understand much of anything. So here I am, back doing what I do best, gathering information on how to use GEDmatch and uncover its discoveries. I hope you find the links below helpful. Heck, I hope I find them helpful, too.

As I explore the depths of GEDmatch, I’ll try to remember to update what I learn.

In the meantime, watch the space below for new GEDmatch Guides and Information.


Genetic Genealogy


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