Subscriber Menu

Screenshot from 2018-01-05 10-29-33Effective 3 January 2018, ManyRoads introduced our newest Subscriber feature/function- our Subscribers’ Menu.

To access the menu all you need do is select/ click on the “hamburger” (black icon with three bars), hover, & click on one of the “items”. There is an image of the screen area on the right==>.

From the Top down the current Subscriber Menu functions are:

  1. Forums provides access to the ManyRoads “Subscriber” discussion Forums.
  2. Help– this function allows subscribers to ask questions of the ManyRoads’ team.
  3. Contact provides quick access to our Contact page.
  4. Login allows Subscribers to Login to ManyRoads to obtain access to the Subscriber functions/ features as well as preventing ManyRoads popup ads from appearing.

As we add new functions/features for our premium users, I will revise this page and its instructions/ guidance.

A 2 Year Subscription helps fund our work,
it, also, entitles you to "Subscriber" features with
pop-up free use of ManyRoads.