Subscriber Feature(s)

Vintage RadioWith the onset (advent?) of 2018, ManyRoads is pleased to announce that we are introducing our first special Subscriber features:

The ManyRoads’ Discussion Forum

This Moderated Discussion Forum allows ManyRoads subscribers to discuss topics related to the those covered on ManyRoads. Participants may freely add topics/subjects they wish to discuss or learn about and respond to those already ‘active’.

I am  also, able to create additional Forum Areas as Subscribers feel they are needed. Just let me know what you might want; and, if the proposed Area fits on ManyRoads, I will add it.

To access the Forum, you simply need to be logged in on your ManyRoads account and then select the new Subscribers option/ item on the major banner menu just below the ManyRoads logo. If you are logged in, the new option on the Subscribers’ page (Discussion Forum) will work for you… I hope.

Non-subscribers will not have access to these forums nor any future Subscriber features. (If you do not have an account on ManyRoads, you will be greeted by a 404 page error when selecting a Subscriber Feature).

It is my hope that our interactions, in the Forums, will add value for our entire community.

Happy New Year to you all and your loved ones.

PS. on the 2nd of January we opened our Subscriber Help service! This is not a personalized research offering but rather a Q&A ‘thing”.

A 2 Year Subscription helps fund our work,
it, also, entitles you to "Subscriber" features with
pop-up free use of ManyRoads.