Subscriptions, popups, and more

Effective 19 December 2017, ManyRoads offers a new membership subscription plan. Site users who subscribe to ManyRoads will not only be assisting us afford our servers, conduct our research and afford hosting development & management costs, but they will receive the added benefit of enjoying pop-up free use of our site.

ManyRoads users who elect to remain on the current “Free plan” will begin to receive popups (begging for financial assistance) on select web pages. We will keep our Blog posts “popup free” for as long as we are able.

If you believe you should receive pop-up free access to ManyRoads, and you can demonstrate that you perform Pro Bono work for the global genealogical community, please use our Contact page to request Pro Bono membership. Of course, all of ManyRoads current and previous “paying” genealogy clients and business partners will be granted membership access, if they wish. n.b.: If you are a past/ current research client or business partner and I have not already contacted you, please let me know so I can set up your account.

The sad truth is that providing the materials and assistance we do for our readership costs us a considerable amount of time and money. If you value ManyRoads, I hope you’ll agree that a $2 per month investment is not too much to ask (our minimum subscription rate).

A 2 Year Subscription helps fund our work,
it, also, entitles you to "Subscriber" features with
pop-up free use of ManyRoads.