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I am very happy to announce that we have established a partnership with Irina Yanushkevich (Ирина Янушкевич).

Irina-translationsIrina is a professional translator; but being retired now, she feels bored “doing nothing.”  In order to busy herself by helping others, she has most graciously offered to help ManyRoads clients/ readers as a translator, translating vital records.

Briefly, her credentials are:

  • Retired University Professor, Ph.D.
  • Former-Head of the Linguistics department
  • Former-Director of the Translator/Interpreter Training Program

Irina’s translation skills include:

Irina Yanushkevich
Irina Yanushkevich
  • Russian to English – fluent
  • Russian or English to German – basic (sufficient for genealogical documents)
  • Polish into English or German – basic (sufficient for genealogical documents)

Irina has experience in helping several genealogical groups/ associations, including:

  • Litvak Special Interest Group (Litvak area, in particular)
  • The American Association of Germans from Russia (ethnic Germans from the Volga River region).

If you are looking for translation help with your Russian, Polish, English, or German documents, please use our Contact page to let us know your translation requirements. We will get back to you promptly, to let you know what we can offer to do to help.

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