Allenstein (Ostpreußen) Records


Allenstein Ostpreußen, Hohenzollernstraße- source Reinhard Gebauer, Oberhausen
Allenstein Ostpreußen, Hohenzollernstraße- source Reinhard Gebauer, Oberhausen

For those interested in, or researching the region(s) near, the former German/ Prussian city of Allenstein Ostpreußen – East Prussia (today the city is known as Olsztyn in Poland) numerous updates have taken place recently with respect to available pre-1945 records.  These involve most notably:

  • Churches near the former German city of Allenstein (Ostpreußen) – the Polish city of Olsztyn today.
  • Polish State Archive of Olsztyn ( Archiwum Państwowe w Olsztynie )- the records archive.

The man whose leadership is key to bringing these records online is project team leader Bernhard Ostrzinski. Bernhard and his team of dedicated “researchers”  publish digital copies of records in the Olsztyn State Archive at “semi-irregular” intervals. Their updates are not separately announced. If you want to know what is newly available, I recommend you do what I do… visit the site semi-irregularly!

Currently, more than 400 directory units containing more than 30,000 historical/ genealogical documents, which correspond to about 1,800,000 digital copies, are Freely available online. It is almost impossible to permanently keep track of which directory units have been newly posted or updated online. Just keep on hunting, it is worth the effort!

Und Bernhard, vielen dank für die Mühe!

If you do not read either German or Polish, I recommend you consider using the Google Chrome Browser with auto-translate enabled when using this Archive.