Recent Mennonite Record Discovery

Thiensdorf Mennonite Church- Source Wikiwand

If like me you are always in search of new Prussian Mennonite records, my recent discovery of Mennonite Church records located in Berlin may be of interest.

The records are I stumbled upon are located in the Geheimes Staatsarchiv Preußischer Kulturbesitz in Berlin (The Secret State Archives of Prussian Cultural Heritage). The archives offer online (Free) access to the Kirchenbücher von Mennonitengemeinden (Church Books of the Mennonite Communities); they cover the years 1661 – 1905.

The communities included in this archive are those Mennonite Communities formerly in Königsberg, Markushof, Montau und Gruppe, Thiensdorf. All of these communities were ethnically cleansed of Mennonites following WW2 by the Soviets and their allies; no Mennonite Communities remain (officially) in those areas today. Finding their records has been, for me rather “hit and miss.” Needless to say, I am always happy when I unearth something new.

The Berlin Mennonite Archives are “freely’ accessible online via the following link:

If you want more information and help in conducting your Mennonite research, please visit our Mennonites – Amish Help.