Library Update!

Do you want to learn more about where and when your ancestors lived?
Are you looking to uncover ‘lost family histories’?
Would like to see where your ancestors lived?
Do you want to hear and see what they may have seen and heard?

Vintage School Room
If  you want to find more than birth, marriage, and death information, our libraries are a good place to begin that quest. I have spent more than ten years gathering the images, sounds, texts, and films housed in the ManyRoads’ libraries. As of this writing, our holdings have reached  ‘new levels’.  Currently, our libraries house:

  • ~11,000 Texts, Books, Documents
  • ~1500 Photos & Images
  • ~100 Videos & Audios
  • ~500 Maps

The next step in our library update/upgrade involves the building of a database (searchable) to improve access & availability of our library holdings. Sadly, this task (building our library database) may take a while; I apologize for that. Be assured, I will announce the availability of our library search function, as soon as I have it ready for general use.

In the meantime if you are looking for something in particular, please do not hesitate to ask. I am happy to let you know whether or not an item is (items are) on our “shelves”.

For details on our libraries and how to access them now, please visit our main Library page.