ManyRoads’ Libraries and Research Support- UPDATE


ManyRoads is pleased to announce a considerable expansion in our available, and reserved, libraries. These include not only our online and offline text libraries, and German address books, but also, our cartographic and video libraries. By the beginning of May 2017, our libraries will contain some:

  • 10,000 genealogical and regional history books, as well as old German address books
  • Materials in English, German, and French, spanning Europe and North America. Most of our digitized texts were originally published in the 1600 to mid-1900s.
  • 500+ maps in our Cartographic areas (from about 800- 2000)
  • 1200+ ‘historical’ photographic images (mostly from 1900- 1950)
  • 100+ vintage WW1-WW2 era videos (mostly from the 1910 to 1950s).

Visit our Library ‘landing page’ to get a better idea of the subject matter emphasis of our collections.  So far as we know, all of our online libraries areas are unencumbered by copyright, unless noted otherwise.

As always, if you are happy researching your own materials from ManyRoads, you are welcome to do so. However, because our libraries are immense and growing, and because, due to costs, only about half of our libraries are able to be available online, you may prefer a quicker and more exhaustive search “of all of our holdings” conducted on your behalf, by the experts (us).

In order to facilitate quick and thorough access of our entire genealogical and historical record collections (those online, as well as, those archived ‘off-line’), ManyRoads’ now offers a Service to conduct and provide research results to our clients. A full description of our new research offering is available via Download. For those who may be familiar, our new search service is modeled directly after a similar service offered by The Allen County (IN) Libraries.
To be clear, this is not intended to be private family research but rather an information look-up for you, our readers, on a specific topic or individual. If you are seeking bespoke family history, genealogy research, or other professional genealogical services, please visit our Services page to review our offerings.