Native Peoples & Indian wars of 1665-1779

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I am in the process of gathering materials related to the North Eastern (New England/ New York & Bas Canada) Native Peoples, plus the wars between those Native Peoples and the European invaders encroaching upon them. My family, perhaps like yours, comes from both sides of that invasion.

The libraries referred to on this page will change and evolve in the coming weeks. Currently our library is approaching 50 Documents (texts), images, etc., with more than 5,000 pages of information. I will publish another notice, both here and on social media, when I feel I have found the bulk of what I am likely to uncover.  As with most of my research, I am searching for freely available documents to help me, and maybe you, my ManyRoads’ readers, better understand what happened in the past and how we got to be the way we are.

I hope this material helps us all understand the complexity of our heritage and welcome the diversity of both our past and our future.

Should you know of additional documents that are or may be available for inclusion, please contact me directly.

North Eastern Native Americans

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Indian wars, 1665-1779

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