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Per Felix’s request I am publishing the entire content of release the what’s new at GenTeam.

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Felix’s message begins:

Vienna, January 22nd, 2017

Kursalon Stadtpark Wien 1900
Kursalon Stadtpark Wien 1900

New at GenTeam:

  • on my own account
  • in total 15,7 million entries online at GenTeam!
  1. NEW: IKG Nuremberg – marriages
  2. NEW: IKG Vienna – divorces 1870-1942
  3. Military: Casualty lists 1914-1919 Austria-Hungary
  4. Vienna: Catholic baptisms – additional records
  5. Vienna: Catholic deaths – additional records
  6. Index of Dominion Records of Lower Austria – additional records
  7. Index of “Wer einmal war L-R” , Georg Gaugusch,
  8. Indices of Catholic registers from Lower and Upper Austria, Burgenland, Styria, Tyrol, and Austrian Silesia

Dear Researcher and Genealogist,

On my own [count]: With today´s online data, approximately 15,7 million entries are now available for the currently 34,500 registered users [registration is free].

At this point, I would like to thank all individuals, who have furnished GenTeam over the last 7 years with vital information, all those who work on long-term projects, but also all those who work behind the scenes to ensure that GenTeam functions properly and continues to expand.

GenTeam is an European platform through which historians and genealogists, who work independently or as a team on databases, can furnish this data to all researchers. All data at GenTeam is available free of charge. The use of GenTeam also requires no membership fee.

Additional developments created parallel to GenTeam are the, a bilingual mailing list which more than 1,700 members as well as the genealogical link collection at

And now to the Actual update:

1. New: Jewish Community Nuremberg, Germany: Marriages 1906-1942

As if by miracle, the marriage book of the Nuremberg Jewish Community of 1906-1942 survived the horror of the Third Reich.

A complete database of this book is now available on GenTeam.

At this point, I would like to express my warmest gratitude to Mag. Leibl Rosenberg.

2. New: Jewish Community Vienna: Divorces 1870-1942

A database of all divorces of the Jewish Community Vienna between 1870 and 1942 could be added to GenTeam now.

I would like to thank Traude Triebel.

3. New: Military Casualty Lists

Austrian-Hungary World War 1

In the Casualty Lists you will find the wounded, prisoners of war, and the fallen from all member countries of the Habsburg Monarchy. In total, there will be approximately 3 to 3,5 million entries. You will find offices, one-year volunteers, and, naturally, the whole gang with all confessions, this, also Jewish, Muslim and Protestant soldiers.

We find: Last Name and First Name, nobilization and academic degree, charge, body of troop, sub-branch, home country, district and homeland affiliation, year of birth, type of casualty (deceased, wounded or captured), in exchange back, etc.), and number of the list, numbers of additions and corrections, date of the list, page, and a link to Anno.

All the casualty lists are online; however, the originals are not in a good printing quality, so that a full-text search often does not yield a positive result. After completion, we will install expanded search functions, so that you can search for casualties in a certain hometown – for example.

The following excerpts of a total of over 720 lists are already online on GenTeam now:

1-13, 84, 99, 101, 102, 104, 108, 109, 129, 137, 140, 191, 194, 215, 232, 686. Approximately additional 280 lists are in progress.

At this point, I would like to thank Heinz Adamec, Kurt Ahne, Rudolf Gugerbauer, Leopold Gugerel Robert Kaiser, Harald Lohauß, Martin Loidolt, Leo Mittringer, Anton Müllner, Sabine Pichler, Gerald Pribas, Wolfgang Schwarz, Henriette Steiner as well as Frank Raschka, as well as all who already work on additional lists which will soon go online.

I invite you cordially to participate in this fascinating project. We gladly send you a compilation and organize the number of your list. Please, contact the project manager, Frank Raschka (many thanks, Frank!) at [email protected] or [Felix] [email protected].

4. Vienna – Baptism Index between 1585 and 1915

Entries from the parishes 02 Sankt Johann Nepomuk, 03 Landstraße, 04 Wieden (Paulaner), 05 Sankt Josef Margareten, 07 Sankt Ulrich, 08 Alservorstadt Pfarre, 09 Lichtental, 10 Sankt Johann Evangelist were added (i.e 02 = district2).

You will find a table listing all parishes with updated time frames under Hilfestufe/Help.

At this point, I would like to thank Gabi Koller, Elisabeth Kultscher, Lisi Maxa, Angelika Panser, Marco Puhr, Gerda Smodej, Judith Starke and Wolfgang Strnad as well as all who already work on various indices with will soon go online.

If you would like to invite to participate on this Index. Simply contact me [Felix] at [email protected].

5. Vienna: Index of Catholic deaths.

Since the list of deaths in the Vienna Newspaper contains vast gaps (even with consideration of Viennese historic borders, as well as the interesting fact that on average approximately 40% entries of deceased children 1-year and under are missing); therefore, we at GenTeam have begun an index of Catholic burials. New entries were added today of the parish of 01 Schotten. You will find a table listing all parishes with updated time frames under Hilfestufe/Help. I would like to thank Monika Fischer.

6. Index of Dominion records of Lower Austria.

We added indices of the dominions Brunn am Walde and Drosendorf. I would like to thank Dr. Günter Oppitz and Christine Sinhuber.

7. Georg Gaugusch: “Wer einmal war”

(“Those who once were”), Part II : L-R

Vienna´s Upper Class Jewish Society 1800-1938, part 2, was published in November 2016. Now we put the index of part 2 online.

  1. part A-K, Amalthea, ISBN 978-3-85002-750-2
  2. part L-R, Amalthea, ISBN 978-3-85002-773-1

8. Register Indices from Lower and Upper Austria, Burgenland, Styria, Tyrol, Bohemia and kuk Silesia.

Registers of the following Roman Catholic parishes were added:

  1. Lower Austria: Aschbach, Drosendorf, Gösing, Hagenberg, Mönichkirchen, Wilhelmsburg
  2. Upper Austria: Sigharting
  3. Burgenland: Stoob
  4. Tyrol: Steinach am Brenner
  5. Styria: Bad Aussee
  6. Austrian Silesia: Liebenthal/Liptan

You will find a complete listing of parishes with updated time frames under Hilfestufe/Help.

At this point, I would like to thank Ursula Baldemaier, Mag. Fritz Eichler, Ingrid Fleischer, Monika Hauser, Franziska Heidrich, Alois Kallinger, Elisabeth Kultscher, Dr. Günter Oppitz, Bernhard Siegl and Silvia Swoboda.

If you too would like to participate, please, contact me directly at [email protected].

We would be more than happy if you too would like to play a part with GenTeam by creating a database or furnishing an already completed database.

However, if you only have questions, please, contact me anytime.

Now I wish you much joy and success with your research with GenTeam and the new entries.

Sincerely yours,
Felix Gundacker

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