Henß Familie aus Beuern (Henß Family of Beuern)

Henß Haus Ende 19Jht (Henß Home late 1800s)
Henß Haus Ende 19.Jht – (Henß Home late 1800s)

This article is posted today in honor of what would have been my father-in-law’s  (Robert R. Henß) 90th birthday… and with gratitude and appreciation of our Henß Family in Germany (Ulrike und Günter).

We are pleased to share a small number of Henß related images, photos, and sketches. I will work on translating and presenting numerous additional materials on ManyRoads during this next year (2017). But for now, I will provide access to the drawings, images, etc. here as I obtain them. Be advised these materials are in flux and will most certainly evolve and ‘grow’.

Liebe Ulrike und Günter, vielen dank für deine Mühe! (Thank you very much for all your efforts!)