Q&A Area!


TaDa! The initial “beta version” of the Many Roads’ Q&A Area is now available for use.

q&aBe advised, this Q&A area is not intended to provide free personal research, but rather to help genealogy researchers in addressing their research challenges. If you wish assistance in conducting your personal family research, we have “for years” offered Personalized Genealogical Research Services.

Initial construction of this area is completed. 

Once you access the Q&A Area, you will notice that the area is not pre-populated with “seed” questions & answers.  I will leave creation of the ‘questions’ to you.  Registered users may, also, participate in providing answers to question asked by themselves or others. However, I will moderate and have final voice on what content remains and/or is allowed. “Yes”, I will be the “benevolent dictator”. 😉

As was noted earlier, you must be registered in order to ask or respond to questions. Registration is pretty simple.  If you want to use facebook as your login, click on the facebook icon at the top of the page; alternatively you may register manually for a login by selecting the register option on the top most menu bar.

Disclosure: I will not use your login particulars for anything beyond controlling access to the Q&A Area. Nor, will I get rich by selling the vast database of information provided by registrants.

Having said that, the area is ready for live users & questions/ answers. Please feel free to add your own inquiries/ responses. Access to the area is provide via the Right side Menu Item labeled ‘cleverly’ as Q&A Area.