A new Q&A area for ManyRoads?

Does a new ManyRoads’ Q&A hold any interest or provide any value?

I am considering opening a Q&A area on ManyRoads to help our readership and researchers with their concerns and questions regarding research in the areas of:


  • Elsass/Lothringen- Alsace/Lorraine
  • Mennoniten- Mennonites
  • “Modern” Germany
  • Ostpreußen- East Prussia
  • Polska- Poland
  • Pommern- Pomerania
  • Québécois- French Canada
  • Schlesien- Silesia
  • Shoah- Holocaust
  • Westpreußen- West Prussia

Full access to this area will not be allowed without commitment, however.  Only users who are willing to register in this area or sign-up using their facebook account will be allowed to ask and/or respond to inquiries. “Lurkers” will be restricted to “viewing only”.  As for your registration information, I will not use your data for anything whatsoever, nor will I provide your particulars to anyone.  I will simply require registration in order to add a modicum of professionalism, security, and to reduce ‘spamming’.

If provided, this Q&A area is not intended to provide free personal research, but rather to help interested researchers in addressing their research challenges.  If you wish assistance in conducting your personal family research, we have “for years” offered Personalized Genealogical Research Services.

Construction of this area is currently underway.  I will not pre-populate the Q&A area with “seed” questions & answers.  I’ll let those who are interested add their own inquiries/ responses.