Clonezilla & GPartEd- your disks, your data

Disk Repair
Disk Repair


If you use computers, there are times when certain rather daunting maintenance and recovery tasks need to be ‘undertaken’.  If you are like me, you want these tasks to be easy, straightforward, and ‘free’.  You also want the ‘tools’ you use to work regardless of the operating system installed on your PC/ CPU.

I can’t guarantee that these tools will work in every situation, but they will work in most. They are also available to you at no-cost. The tools in this posting include:

  • GPartEd: to partition and/or resize disks
  • Clonezilla: to clone your PC environment


GPartEd is a free partition editor for graphically managing your disk partitions.
With GPartEd you can resize, copy, and move partitions without data loss, enabling you to:gparted

  • Grow or shrink your C: drive
  • Create space for new operating systems
  • Attempt data rescue from lost partitions


GPartEd perform the following actions with your disk partitions such as:

  • create or delete
  • resize or move
  • check
  • label
  • set new UUID
  • copy and paste

It is flexible enough to manipulate file systems such as:

  • btrfs
  • ext2 / ext3 / ext4
  • fat16 / fat32
  • hfs / hfs+
  • linux-swap
  • lvm2 pv
  • nilfs2
  • ntfs
  • reiserfs / reiser4
  • ufs
  • xfs

Clonezilla “Live”

clonezilla‘Clonezilla Live’ enables a user to clone a single computer’s storage media, or a single partition on the media, to a separate medium device. The cloned data can be saved as an image-file or as a duplicated copy of the data. The data can be saved to locally attached storage device, an SSH server, a Samba server, or an NFS file-share. The clone file can then be used to restore the original when needed.

Clonezilla is a free disk cloning, disk imaging, data recovery, and deployment computer program. Clonezilla is designed by Steven Shiau and developed by the NCHC Free Software Labs in Taiwan.