The White Rose Society

white-rose-resistanceIt has been some 73 years since the White Rose Society released six (6) anti-Nazi leaflets.  By the time these leaflets were released in 1942, Nazism and World War Two were growing and spreading rapidly.  Millions were dying.

The White Rose Society leaflets contain articulate and powerful ideas and arguments.  Sadly, the audience to whom they were provided chose to ignore their message; and, the world paid a horrible price.

Arguably the German government’s actions of September 2015 regarding the mass migrations toward Europe echo a response to those times when tolerance, understanding, and inclusion were minority opinions in Germany. The German government today is providing a strong counter-point to those past German opinions of intolerance, exclusion, and superiority.  Unfortunately though, those Nazi ideals of exlusion and intolerance continue to be broadly espoused by people and politicans globally (not just in Europe but, also, in the New World, Africa,  Asia, etc.).

It is in the spirit of teaching, that I ask you to read these leaflets.  I ask you to ponder their relevance in today’s world. It is my hope that the world will ultimately chose a more enlightened and less painful path forward than that which was chosen in the 1940s.

Perhaps, we can learn from the past.