ManyRoads 2015 Update

ManyRoadsOver the past few months, I have been working at developing and sharing numerous tools and approaches to assist ManyRoads readers, clients, and friends. Given the work that has been undertaken since the beginning of 2015, I thought the year mid-point might provide a good opportunity for me to share was has happened thus far and also provide some insight into my plans and ideas for the future.

Thus far this year we have created and provided the following ‘no-charge’ (free?) genealogy search tools. Our Mega-Search Engine Portal including Search Engines specifically designed to scour the Internet for Genealogy Clues related to:

Additionally we have:

Our last major accomplishment for the first half of 2015 is that we have been allowed to adopt and manage two pages on the FamilySearch wiki. Our two pages are:

  1. Prussia – Westpreußen Genealogy
  2. Westpreussen Genealogy

Going forward we plan to additionally adopt the following pages:

  1. Prussia – Ostpreußen Genealogy
  2. Prussia- Pommern Genealogy

I have already begun placing content on both pages. However, FamilySearch restricts the number and speed with which pages may be adopted. We were encouraged to apply for these pages in 6 months. We will do that…

Other items planned for this year include:

  • offer a web-based Prussian-German Genealogy workshop to those who require distance learning support (please let me know if you might be interested). I will do my best to keep any offering like this as low-cost as is possible
  • continue to update and upgrade the data on ManyRoads including address books, maps, images, etc.