More on genealogical clues

If you are looking for some new an interesting places to gather genealogical clues, this week I came across a few posts providing insightful and interesting suggestions.

The first article I noticed was a little ‘older’ than the other two I found. It was about the National (US) Archives and YouTube. I have to admit, I never thought of YouTube as a possible source of #genealogy clues, but sure enough they are in the act, too.

One of my colleagues shared a link with me to the National Archives on one subject that led me to look around for some other resources that can be helpful to genealogists.  But then again, just about anything at the National Archives that relates to the history of the country can be beneficial to genealogy researchers. […]

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The next article was about an area of research where I have spent almost no time at all. It is about Hispanic Ancestry/ Genealogy. Not surprisingly, Florida offers some very useful genealogical resources. Just this week, Florida International University announced the availability of a new searchable, online archive. The information and data is accessible via surname and links books, letters, documents, photographs and other materials together in response to surname searches.

Have you ever wanted to know more about where you come from? Perhaps learn about the origins of your family name, your great-great-great-grandfather, or if you hail from a long line of Spanish kings?

Well, if you are Cuban, you now can. A new, searchable online archive has been launched at Florida International University. From the Abadias to the Zúñigas and thousands of surnames in between, those managing the Enrique Hurtado de Mendoza Collection say you’re bound to learn something there about your family’s lineage. […]

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Curated from ####FIU Archive Helps Cubans Research Their Genealogy | Miami New Times

This last article I thought might pique your interest involves one person’s practical search approaches. It is all about finding genealogy clues through less than traditional methods and means. If you are like me, it is always good to know that there are others out there seeking and searching in those hidden corners and stories, for their family and their history.

Genealogical clues are all around us. The benefit of clues is that we can find information that helps us fill in some of those gaps we all have on our family trees. The problem, though, is that not all clues are accurate. We must take them with a dose of skepticism, but that doesn’t mean we should dismiss them. We need to figure out if they help prove something. […]

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