Olsztyn/ Allenstein State Archives

Allenstein (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Archiwum Państwowe w Olsztynie (State Archive in Olsztyn) are providing free access to genealogical records from many of the towns and villages of that area (formerly East Prussia).  These records are largely in German (as well as Polish) and are freely available as scanned images on the archive’s website. If your Polish is a little shaky, you may wish to access this page using Chrome (using Google Translate) or similar. The following link will take you to the archives:

Additionally, many of these same records (approximately 362,650) are available in a digitally searchable format courtesy of Bernhard Ostrzinski.  You may access his excellent work on the website of:

Click to view a reasonably complete list of records (by type) available in the Olsztyn Archives.