ManyRoads Mega-search Engine development

Just so folks know a bit about where ManyRoads is (I am) heading with this effort, and my primary motivation, I’ll offer an explanation and insight into my plan(s)- a basic ‘blueprint’. My plan is to ultimately build a single page that offers access to multiple mega-search engines, each one of the mega-search engines extracting their results from topical and area-specific sites.

Mad Max Glasses from

Mad Max Glasses from

The Rationale (Problem Statement):

  1. It is difficult to identify and discover new genealogical clues, especially from those regions with scare or scattered data sets.
  2. Non-US data is very difficult to find ‘easily’. (US & English data abounds.. other data is more more scattered and difficult to obtain.)
  3. Standard/ typical searches focus on highly ranked websites, and thus skew the results to those locations, often swamping smaller but valuable information.
  4. Most tools and databases are geared towards US (or other English-speaking) data storage approaches, traditions, and archives.

The Solution

  1. Develop a group of search capabilities that access largely be non-US, areas of interest.
  2. Search sites that are generally not high on Google’s radar.
  3. Search in the language(s) of region(s) of interest.
  4. Avoid any/all use of for-fee sites.

My primary interest in developing these tools, is to create a set of search tools that help me (and others) identify/ unearth ‘hard to find’ clues for client and/or personal research. Because these tools are initially focused on the ManyRoads areas of interest, the engines initially will include:

  • German-Prussian
  • Polish
  • Quebec (French Canada)
  • Mennonite/Amish (Swiss, Prussian, Alsace, Russian/Lithuanian)
  • …yes, I guess, I am a bit narrow minded and selfish.

Three mega-search engines are currently in beta test on ManyRoads.  These include:

Development of a single point of entry Mega-search Engine page is also on the docket for release soon. A link to all of our Mega-search Engine page will also be placed on the landing page for ManyRoads. If you have not already tried these search engines out, please do. I welcome your feedback. Links to all search engines mentioned are in this thread above.

If you are interested in sponsoring the creation of a Mega-search Engine for another area of interest, use our Contact page to discuss how you can do that…