German Immigrants 1850s through 1890s

Elbing Fluss
Elbing Fluss

The Germanic Immigration Records (5 websites) : 1850s through 1890s is developed by Crafted Knowledge, a San Diego Internet media development agency.  Their goal was to make educational and historical information available for free to the public. Crafted Knowledge strives to offer enhanced value by assembling unique creative content based on public domain archival data.

These sites are quite excellent, free, and easy to use.  It is important to note that these databases are not exhaustive.  You will find records here that are not on other sites and vice versa. Such is the nature of genealogical research.

Sources and Background of Data

As a base resource for Germanic Immigration Records sites relied on data available through U.S. government archives and other public resources. Please note that there may be human and/or technical errors and omissions in the data.

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