ICRC World War 1 Prisoner of War Database

The International Committee of the Red Cross recently published a Free, online database of WW1 prisoners of war. The ICRC WW1 PoW Database contains some 5 million records and offers exceptional insights into the conditions and circumstances of the time, period and situation.

WW1 German PoWs
WW1 German PoWs

Based on my testing of the ‘tool’, I think a few words of caution are in order:

  • Be certain to read the instructions on How-to use the tool. (It might work in ‘unexpected’ ways; it did for me.) There is a nice tutorial (and it is easy to use).
  • Often the print is faint; look closely at the records.
  • Much of the text is in script; as always, read carefully.  The script varies.
  • The tool is only available in French or English; use the language you are most comfortable with…