Using HADIS to search in Hesse

If you are looking for family/ ancestors who may have lived in Hesse, HADIS (Hessisches Archiv-Dokumentations- und Informations-System) HADIS-logooffers an outstanding and useful toolset. Since most people I  come into contact with are looking for genealogy related information and emigration, I will provide a brief explanation on conducting an emigration search.

  1. First, goto:  HADIS.
  2. Next, enter [Your Desired FamilyName] into the “Schnellsuche” box (menu bar on the left, near the bottom of the page).  Try the family name of Henss as an example.
  3. Wait for the search to return.
  4. When you see your search results, select the “Auswanderer-Nachweise” listed in the middle of the page to view Emigrants’  information.


Note:   If when conducting this search with your actual “family name” and you receive nothing much that seems useful, you can investigate the problem a little deeper via the following process:

Be aware that for a HADIS search to work, you need to be searching a valid family name (surname).

To determine the validity of your surname spelling and its relevance to a Hessian location, I recommend using Genevolu to establish probable surname location(s) and distribution density (I like having the pre-WW2 option because I search a lot in the former German Eastern Provinces).

If you happen to have other tricks to share, please use our comments or contact page to let me know.