When paths cross

Elbląg Market Gate Deutsch: Elbing, Markttor
Elbląg Market Gate Deutsch: Elbing, Markttor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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There are times in life when paths cross.  As many of you may know, among my greatest interests are both process improvement (my ‘day job’) and my family (not just those living but also including my past, meaning my ‘genealogy’).

Well, yesterday was one of those days where my day job and my family genealogy passions crossed.

A couple of years ago through my genealogy work, I had the good fortune of meeting a young man (by my standards pretty much everyone is young).  His name is Pawel. As it happens, Pawel and his mother attended some of the same schools in today’s Elblag, Poland that my mother attended in yesterday’s Elbing, Germany.  For those who might not know, Elblag and Elbing are the same place.

Over the past few years, Pawel and I have become friends and just this year he asked me to help him with some of his Six Sigma work; which I have been more than happy to do.  As an outgrowth of our shared interests in process improvement and in Elblag/Elbing’s past and future, Pawel and I agreed to try to bring what we hope will be helpful teaching, coaching, and support to firms in the area of Elblag. Our initial efforts have been working through the good offices of Elblag Technology Park (EPT).

Yesterday (27 March 2014) was the day we conducted our first event. Here is a copy of the EPT article on the event itself. Here is the original Business Journal article announcing the presentation.

Our joint journey towards what we hope will be a brighter future is ‘officially’ underway.

Mark Rabideau

ManyRoads Creator, Professional Genealogist, Family Historian, Old Guy and most importantly 'opa'