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I am pleased to announce that ManyRoads has expanded and renewed its online libraries, including historical and genealogical texts, historical videos, historical music collections and more. As most of you are most likely aware, the collections include a significant bias towards Prussian (especially Westpreussen), Amish, Mennonites, Quakers, French Canada, with a large smattering of Iowa materials.

Our new document libraries have been migrated into their own sub-site.

Even though detail work remains to be done, all of our ‘new’ libraries are readily available and free (except for three texts- which have copyright encumbrances).  The ManyRoads libraries include around 3,000 digitized textbooks, addressbooks, etc. consuming nearly 20GB of storage.  Hopefully you will find these libraries much easier to navigate, faster, and more pleasant to use. However, should you encounter any difficulties with our new libraries, please use either the ManyRoads contact page or email me off-line with a description of the problem(s) you experience.  (btw. I also would greatly appreciate hearing from you about any additional, digital texts and/or source materials that might be available for addition to our collections.)

Here is the key entry points to our libraries… and what I think you might find as unique and/or interesting data sources.

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