Pommern Genealogy Research of Egon Giese

Schlochau ev. Kirche mit alter Mauer
Schlochau ev. Kirche mit alter Mauer

A few weeks ago, Egon Giese contacted me to ask if I was willing to post his largely Pomeranian genealogy research (Pommern Ahnenforschung) on ManyRoads. Naturally I could not refuse his exceedingly generous offer. This posting is the official announcement of his research materials availability on ManyRoads.

For those who would like access to Egon’s original emails and data submissions, you will find them in the ‘bottom’ section of this posting.

  1. Kreis Schlochau 1
  2. Kreis Schlochau 2
  3. Kreis Schlochau und Umgebung
  4. Kreis Neustettin Hinter Pommern
  5. Geburten und Taufen Wurchow
  6. Gross und Klein Kuedde, Kreis Neustettin
  7. Kreisen Bublitz, Neustettin, Rummelsburg Schlochau und Schlesien
  8. Westpreußen

In the event that you are not well equipped to read archived emails, I have provided links on how to access and read the files; I have also provided links to ‘free’ PC based tools to facilitate the reading process (towards the end of this posting).

Additionally, Egon provided content for two GEDCOM files with Schlochau information.  These were converted from his original PAF files (contained in the eml files noted above) via RootsMagic 6 and are only provided here (you will find them in the ‘bottom’ section of this posting).

  • Schlochau 2009 (GEDCOM)
  • Schlochau II (GEDCOM)

Finally, you will find the Egon’s secondary source materials repackaged and included in the ManyRoads source material libraries.  The information is archived based upon area (for easy retrieval and access). These materials may be found on the following pages: