ManyRoads, update!

I apologize for the past week’s site outages. The ManyRoads site performance spiked wildly and was shut down for 12 hours on Thursday by our host provider. Unfortunately, Thursday was a travel day for me and  the fix took many hours longer than normal to ‘repair’.  Since Thursday’s ‘shut-down’, I have done a lot of site tuning and upgrading in an effort to stabilize and speed site performance. We are now running about 40% faster than we were on Wednesday and our CPU usage is down about 80%.  I am, also,  pleased to report, we have back online since Friday and seem to, once again, be stable.

However, I am not confident that my ‘repairs’ represent either reliable or permanent fixes. As a result, I am going to begin a project to examin altenative hosting approaches for this site/ service. The current arrangement is extremely nice from my perspective because it is very inexpensive (less than $10 per month). And since like many of you, I am ‘independantly poor’ (well, you get the picture), I like the budget approach.

Sadly any other hosting option is much more expensive than what we currently have. Costs for other options seem to run anywhere from 50% to 1000% more per month.So for now please accept my apologies. If any of you out there have experiences using particularly excellent and extremely affordable cost hosting options, please let me know directly, via our contact page.


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