GenerousGenealogists’ changes

Because many of you know that I have been and continue to be the primary person involved in GenerousGenealogists, I thought you might appreciate a heads-up regarding changes going on there.

Due to the amount of work the site was consuming, I have decided to align efforts there with my primary areas of interest, rather than continuing to attempt providing broader genealogical support.  Effective immediately, GenerousGenealogists’s format has been refocused and revised to provide the following:GenerousGenealogists

The GenerousGenealogists’ Brickwall Forums, Volunteer Databases, etc. are all discontinued.

Going forward all of our help will be listed in the menu above under Genealogy Help.

Following these changes there are no further requirements for registration on that site (all user accounts, except mine, have been deleted).  As before, everything on the site remains free but now GenerousGenealogists aligns with my genealogical research interests.

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