Généalogie Québecois Genealogy

If you are interested in getting and sharing information, tips & pointers regarding the search for French CaSamuel_de_Champlain_Carte_geographique_de_la_Nouvelle_France_smallnadian (and other Franco-American) Ancestors, Généalogie Québecois Genealogy may be the “place” ( LinkedIn Group) you have been looking for.

As many of you already know, I have a “small” but “abiding” interest in conducting Quebecois Research.  My primary areas of interest include (but are not limited to) Laprairie to Quebec City (in Bas Canada); Clinton County, New York; Northwestern Vermont; and Central Massachusetts.

If like me, you have discovered these regions and peoples a challenge to research, check our new LinkedIn Group out:

Stop by to join in…  See what you can share.  Ask questions regarding your search(es).

As the host and moderator of Généalogie Québecois Genealogy, I look forward to seeing you online!

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