Ethnic German Genealogy

If you are interested in getting and sharing information, tips & pointers regarding the search for German Ancestors, Ethnic German Research may be the “perfect” LinkedIn Group for you.German Language Areas in 1910

As many of you already know, I have a “small” but “abiding” interest in conducting German Research.  My primary areas of interest include (but are not limited to) West Prussia (today part of Poland), Prussian and Swiss/Alsatian Mennonites (Amish), and the Ostgebiete des Deutschen Reiches oder auch ehemalige deutsche Ostgebiete (former Eastern German Regions).  I, also, have been and remain highly interested in researching the area(s) formerly known as Darmstadt-Hesse (in today’s Western Germany).

If like me, you have discovered these regions and peoples a challenge to research, check our new LinkedIn Group out:

Stop by to join in…  See what you can share.  Ask questions regarding your search(es).

As the host and moderator of Ethnic German Research, I look forward to seeing you online!