ManyRoads Libraries and Images Status Update

Our image galleries and Cartographic resources are, once again, online.

  • Almost everything (images and maps) is available via our current menu system. As always, all of our images and maps remain free.
  • All of our document libraries have been converted to our new system, are online, and available. (All but three of our documents are free.)
  • Our family trees are also online. (Note: Not all of our family trees are available; several remain private. Our public trees are available and are free.)

A few major items remain in our conversion efforts including:Car-Repair-Cartoon

  • Posts and Pages on our Main site still contain broken image links, These are in almost all cases to single images. Our single/standalone image links are in their very early stages of conversion. I still have about 100 pages and posts requiring update/ conversion.
  • Our family source documentation remain most readily available via our Genealogy pages.  Our posts and pages are still in rough shape (I will need to re-write many documents to take advantage of our new libraries and galleries.).
  • Video (multimedia) repair is in its earliest stages of renovation. I plan to work on this last.

My best guess for completion of these efforts is early September 2013.  Keep your fingers crossed!