New ManyRoads Cartographic Area

I am pleased to announce significant revisions to our Cartographic resources (maps).  Because of the image problems I have experienced on ManyRoads, I am moving all my images into a new format.  As a result I have been able to make available considerably more data than in the past.  Our expanded files include some 253 Cartographic images (maps) in 19 albums and sub-albums.German Territory Lost in the 20th Century

Our major Cartographic categories include:

  • European Historical Maps
  • Historical Germany
  • Massachusetts Maps
  • New France & Quebec Maps
  • Northern New York Maps
  • Old & New World Historical Maps
  • Vertreibung Karten – Expulsion Maps

I am also currently enhancing the links between my two sites (mostly for search purposes).  In the meantime, if you want to effectively search ManyRoads images, please conduct all searches from the main ManyRoads Gallery home page.

Please be aware, this area is new and when you visit you will notice other areas of the ManyRoads Gallery still under development.  You may wander through those as well.  Should you notice problems on the Cartographic side, I would most appreciate a ‘heads-up’.  Other comments are also welcomed.  I will announce the readiness of the remaining areas, as they become ‘ready for prime-time.’

Here’s the link to our new Cartographic materials.


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