Luftgaukommando VII

During the latter stages of World War II, Luise Senger served as an executive administrative assistant in Luftgaukommando VII. We are uncertain what rank or level position she actually held.  The photos in this gallery depict the building as it looked during the Third Reich and as it appears currently.

This giant building was the regional headquarters of the Deutsche Luftwaffe Luftgaukommando VII (German Air Force, Headquarters Air Command VII). Even today, there are many original ornaments in the shape of swastikas or helmets visible. The building, Prinzregentenstrasse 24-28, was built in 1938 by order of Hermann Göring for the Luftwaffe (German Air Force) headquartered in Munich Bavaria (München, Bayern). The building has two large “German” eagles at the entrance, window ‘grates’ are decorated with stylized swastikas, above the windows are placed stone images of WW1 German helmets.

Today, the 225 meter long building is used by the Bavarian Ministry of Science, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology.