GenerousGenealogists, RAOGK & me

As is often the case, I sign-up for more than my family thinks is good for me.  This time I agreed to reconstruct a new and hopefully improved version of what used to be Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness (RAOGK).  The renewed incarnation of RAOGK is named: GenerousGenealogistsOur activities, site, and purpose are largely modeled after that of the original RAOGK group which was founded and managed between 1999 and 2011 by  Bridgett and Dale Schneider.  Although I have to admit, I took license and expanded things ‘a bit’.  If you were familiar with the old site, all I can say is that the new one looks a lot different.

As a service, we represent a group volunteers who agree to provide free genealogy research and assistance, as an act of kindness, to “those in need.” As you might expect, when the old RAOGK site went down its database went with it; so we are looking for new volunteers.  And oddly enough, GenerousGenealogists is looking for Team Members as well! It is our hope that GenerousGenealogists outlives its founders, creators, maintainers, and carries on the tradition of generosity and giving that was begun in 1999 by the original Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness website.

GenerousGenealogists volunteers agree to donate their time for free; recipients of our assistance agree to pay/ reimburse our volunteers for any/all expenses incurred in the fulfillment of “their” requests. The assistance, research and networking we provide is made available freely and without respect or intent of financial gain.  All any of our volunteers will ever request of you is expense reimbursement and a “Thank You”.