“Our” Mennonite Churches in Europe

As you may have noticed, a “goodly portion” (to quote my father-in-law) portion of both sides of the Henss & Rabideau families have roots in Amish/ Mennonite/ Anabaptist traditions.  Out of curiosity, actually out of a desire to find church building photos, I did a little web research on our families’ past church homes.  As you might have guessed, nothing identifiable remains of our Prussian/ Poland Mennonite congregations, the Second World War took care of that.  However, I have stumbled across a number of our families’ Alsatian congregations on the Internet.

It is wonderful to see that many of our predecessors’ beliefs and traditions live on and that our family’s work is continued by those who remained in the home country (Heimatland/ Patrie).  The links below provide information to those Mennonite congregations today:

With respect to our Prussian/ Poland Mennonite connections The Mennonite-Polish Friendship Association freely provides documents describing the accomplishments and status of the Mennonite past in that region.

If any of our readers have information or photos regarding the history for any of these faith communities, we would greatly appreciate hearing from you.  Please use our Contact us page, we’d love to share information.