Semi-irregular ManyRoads Newsletter (June 2012)

researchFirst off I want to apologize for the few month hiatus in ManyRoads Newsletters.  You are right, this has happened before.  Maybe I should just admit to my unreliable nature but on the other hand the good news is, I am not drowning you in spam!?!

For those interested in what I have been doing lately, this news will hopefully come as an informative update.  For the rest of the world, all this will continue to remain hidden and obscure.

As a few of my preceding ManyRoads posts indicted, I have been both testing new genealogy software tools and working on my family genealogy, primarily on my mother’s Prussian branch.  Based upon my endeavors, here is what I can report by way of progress:

  • It seems that I have stabilized my FTM 2012 for my PC environment, and it now works reasonably reliably. Most importantly, I am able to synchronize my databases and media between my PCs and This means my documents are now sharable, more secure (from a redundancy perspective) and are now available to all my computing platforms… Linux, IOS, and Windows.  I have also published a couple of reports on my adventures in getting this environment operational and stable you may read them here…I have successfully gathered and archived a significant amount of information on my Prussian Friesian Mennonite forebears. I have also provided both the Schepansky Family Archives and the Grandma Mennonite Database access to all my materials including quite a few which were previously unrecognized, unknown.  The Schepansky Family Archives has indicated receipt of the materials, some 800 MB.
  • I have, in conjunction with my Mennonite research, updated my Senger Family Tree and documents.  I have also conducted some additional research which has made it possible for me to make significant updates to my family tree.  what began originally with fewer than three dozen family members in 4 generations is now at 250 plus family members going back as many as 8 generations.  I am feeling very fortunate! All are now published here on ManyRoads.
  • As before, I continue to use RootsMagic, now in version 5, to publish my genealogical information ( Family Trees ) on ManyRoads (see). Although, I am now augmenting RootsMagic html documents with edited versions of select FTM reports to complete my detailed family reports, posts (see: Hermann Schepansky Family & Cornelius Schepansky Family(ies) ). Yes, this means I now use two different tools, interfaced via Gedcom 5.5 adherent files for both my public, published documents.

I’d like to say that I will be writing the Newsletter more regularly, but I might not.  The bottom line is, I apologize for the hiatus in my newsletters, as well as for the shortage in my Blog posts.  With any luck, I hope to get more information gathered and published over the next few months. Who knows, I may even be able to stick to my plan… So as always, I’ll promise to write Newsletters as time and schedules permits and wish you all the very best. As always, thank you for visiting ManyRoads and please remember we always appreciate reciprocal web site links!