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German Genealogy Research Aids

Based on email traffic I have seen lately, it seems to me that all too many people think they are doomed to failure with their German genealogical research simply because they are unfamiliar with the German language (dialects) or unaware of German speaking peoples’ histories. Knowing something about German and “the history of German speaking(…)

Semi-irregular ManyRoads Newsletter (June 2012)

First off I want to apologize for the few month hiatus in ManyRoads Newsletters.  You are right, this has happened before.  Maybe I should just admit to my unreliable nature but on the other hand the good news is, I am not drowning you in spam!?! For those interested in what I have been doing(…)

Hermann Schepansky Family

At this point, we believe that our research has produced a rather complete image of the Families and Children of Hermann Schepansky. If you know of additional source materials or information, we would love hearing from you. HERMANN1 SCHEPANSKY was born about 1754 in Kerbshorst, Westpreussen, Germany1. Herman Schepansky was baptized in 1802 in Marcushof,(…)

Do genealogy? Really?

Perhaps, it was Friday or maybe the day before… Becky (my wife) and I were discussing why I do genealogy work. More precisely, the question we were discussing focused on what advantages or benefits I (the genealogy fanatic) actually attain from my endeavors. Because, wealth most certainly was not among them. But in all seriousness,(…)

Past to future

Over the past few weeks, I have been mulling over the significance of history, war, and the ravages of time.  Quite the happy thoughts I know. I suppose this stream of consciousness was initiated by my review of some photos from my mother’s family church in Zeyer, Westpreussen, in what is today Poland.  Then today(…)

The 200,000th visit

We are extremely pleased to report that last night (3 June 2012) ManyRoads received its 200,000th visitor. We know that does not put us in anything like “a high traffic mode”. But, we are pleased to have gathered and perhaps even sustained a loyal readership. Thank you very much for visiting our site; we look(…) queries in seconds.