Samuel Ferdinand Recht- Caroline Henriette Sczepanski

Note: additional source materials are currently being sought.

Aside from the birth records of Samuel Ferdinand Recht and Caroline Henrietta Sczepanski we have very sparse information regarding the lives and existence of our couple and their family/ children.

  • Samuel Ferdinand Recht (Birth & Baptism)
    Samuel Ferdinand Recht- Birth 12 February 1841- small
  • Caroline Henriette Sczepanski (Birth & Baptism)
    Caroline Henriette Sczepanski- Birth 16 March 1844- small

The second place we find the couple mentioned with certainty is in the marriage record of their son Johann Hermann Recht to Auguste Kunz. There we find mention of them and their deaths having occurred before the Recht-Kunz marriage in Ellerwald, Kreis Elbing.

Additionally, we have found evidence of one Samuel Recht living in Elbing from the years of 1866 to 1881. From 1884 on we find no further clues of his existence. In the years following 1881, he also does not appear in either Ellerwald or any of the Zeyer communities. We are not certain if this is our Samuel Ferdinand Recht (we need more information before making that assertion). Here is what we have thus far:

  • 1866 Schiffsholm 7. – Matrose (Sailor)
    Sam Recht Elbing-Adressbuch-1866
  • 1867 Schiffsholm 7. – Matrose (Sailor)
    Sam Recht Elbing-Adressbuch-1867
  • 1870 Wasserstrasse 6. – Steuermann (Helmsman)
    Sam Recht Elbing-Adressbuch-1870
  • 1874 Wasserstrasse 6. – Steuermann (Helmsman) und Schankwirth (Innkeeper)
    Sam Recht Elbing-Adressbuch-1874
  • 1876 Schiffsholm 8. – Steuermann (Helmsman)
    Sam Recht Elbing-Adressbuch-1876
  • 1881 Schiffsholm ?. – Schiffer (Skipper, Mariner)
    Sam Recht Elbing-Adressbuch-1881
  • 1884 and on not in Elbing Addressbooks

Based upon conversations with Frieda geboren Wedhorn (a grand daughter of Hermann Recht, Samuel Recht’s son?), we do not know whether or not Hermann Recht had brothers or sisters. Frieda does not remember anyone, during her time in Westpreußen, ever mentioning anything indicating that Hermann had any siblings.

Frieda did, however, remember that Hermann Recht had mentioned living in Ellerwald.

All public Senger Family documents are available online.