Johann Recht Family(ies)

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Johann Recht had two, perhaps three, marriages.  His first documented marriage was with Elisabeth Barwich (Baarwich)- our progenitor; his second documented marriage was with Florentine Barwich (a cousin? of Elisabeth).  As far as we can tell, Johann and his families lived in and around the Zeyer ev. Kirche until Johann’s death.  Johann’s death record indicates that he died on 7 September 1854 at the age of 54 years and 10 months (0 days).  He was buried evangelisch in the Zeyer ev. Kirche graveyard.  Based upon Johann’s documented age at death, we calculate his birth to have been 7 November 1797 (location undetermined; records are being sought).   At the time of his death Johann Recht (the elder) had 5 living children- Johann age 17, Samuel age 12, Ferdinand age 10, Florentine age 8 and Caroline age 3

Marriage I.


Marriage Date: date & location: assumed Zeyer ev. Kirche
Wife’s Birth: unknown (under investigation)
Wife’s Death: unknown (under investigation)
Wife’s Occupation: …

It is our belief that the Johann aged 17 (son of Johann the elder) and alive at the time of his father Johann’s death must have either had his age noted in error or been from a first (as yet undocumented marriage).

Marriage II.

to Maria Elisabeth Barwich (Baarwich)

Marriage Date: 10 November 1838 in the Zeyer ev. Kirche
Wife’s Birth:
about 24 November 1817 (under investigation)
Wife’s Death: 19 February 1841; cause of death were complications arising from child-birth (Samuel Ferdinand).
Wife’s Occupation: …

At death, Maria Elisabeth had two (2) living children, Johann Jacob age 1 1/2 years and Samuel Ferdinand aged 8 days.

Marriage III.

to Florentine Barwich (Baarwich)

Marriage Date: 22 June 1841 in the Zeyer ev. Kirche
Wife’s Birth: unknown (under investigation)
Wife’s Death: unknown (under investigation)
Wife’s Occupation: …


Johann and his families were resident as follows:

  • Residence in 1838- 1852: Zeyersniederkampen, Kreis Elbing (Westpreußen)


Children with unknown marriage I:


Born: about 1835 (under investigation)
Death: unknown (under investigation)

Children with Maria Elisabeth Barwich:

Johann Jacob

Born: 23 Sept. 1839
29 Sept. 1839
Death: unknown (under investigation)

Samuel Ferdinand

Born: 12 Feb. 1841
Baptism: 14 Feb. 1841
Death: unknown (under investigation)

Children with Florentine Barwich:

Carl Ferdinand

Born: 4 July1842
Baptism: 7 July 1842
unknown (under investigation)

Florentine Elenore

Born: 18 June 1844
Baptism: 23 June 1844
Death: unknown (under investigation)

Carl Wilhelm

Born: 3 July 1849
Baptism: 10 July 1849
Death: unknown (under investigation)

Martin August

Born: 1852
Death: unknown (under investigation)

All public Senger Family documents are available online.